Creating Jobs For America

21 09 2010

As I write this I’m tempted to insert a few LOL’s here and there, but considering how serious un-employment is right now I will refrain from laughing at the left.

Progressive/liberals over at HP are starting a brand new series called “20 ways to put America back to work“. Today is day one of their plan, which will be rolled out over the next 20 days, and I have copied their plan for day one below… (NOTE: I will be highlighting words and/or phrases that got my Conservative antennae twitching, in the color blue)

Progressive/Liberal Idea Day #1

Our list currently includes lowering some taxes (like the one on payrolls) and creating some new (taxes) ones (on carbon, and excess bank reserves); hiring some people directly, and many more indirectly; rethinking our trade policy — particularly our China policy — and coming up with an industrial policy; reducing the work week; devaluing the dollar; investing in schools, broadband, infrastructure, and a entirely new energy economy; and all the time keeping a special eye out for younger and older workers, who this crisis has hit the hardest.

As you can see I have a lot of problems with their very first plan on their very first day. The next nineteen days should be a hoot!


BTW… The Author of these ideas are Dan Froomkin.




5 responses

21 09 2010
Doc's Wife

“Froomkin”????????????? Sounds like he is from outer space–maybe he is!

21 09 2010


Could be. His ideas sure come from some place other than reality.


21 09 2010

I’m sick of these libs wanting to create more taxes… If they believe the govt will do better w/more money, put up your own cash or shut up!

22 09 2010

De-value the dollar?, reduce the work week? tax excess bank reserves?
then invest in schools, broadband and “new” enegry? With what? Now that you have devalued the dollar, taken “excess” bank reserves and only have a population working 3-4 days a week how do you expect to pay for any of this. Its this type of insanity that has gotten us where we are today to begin with.

22 09 2010

Its rather easy to rip his ideas to shreds isn’t it? What a dolt this guy is. The funny thing about it is… he has all kinds of far-left num-nuts that are cheering him on.


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