Screw The GOP! The Plan

14 09 2010

UPDATE: I have already been corrected about my rant below. It seems I have the wrong organization named as NOT wanting to financially back Ms. O’Donnel’s run for the Senate. I was wrong to blame the GOP, the culprits are the NSRC, which is National Senate something-or-other Committee. This does NOT mean I’m dropping my idea. The RINO’s must know that we are serious and the GOP must know if they are going to work for us, they had better damn well represent our interests!

Damn I’m hot! No, not good looking, I’m hot as in royally pissed off. My anger has kept me from thinking clearly for the last 40 minutes, but I finally calmed down enough to write this.

The Tea-Party GOP Senate fav in Delaware was/is Christine O’Donnel. She beat long-time RINO Republican Mike Castle, and I for one am happy about it. But evidently the OLD ESTABLISHMENT COUNTRY CLUB REPUBLICANS didn’t like seeing one of their own get bumped out of a cushy job. Carl Cameron from Fox news announced a short time ago that the national GOP has already said that they won’t spend a dime in Delaware to help Christine O’Donell in the general election in November. SCREW THEM!

Here’s what I’m considering doing… First I would like some feed-back from all of you, because this plan at first may sound crazy. Before you send me your thoughts think long and hard if we want RINO’s getting back the reins of power in this country. I KNOW I DON’T! That’s why I’m now a registered Independent, which in my state is considered an ‘unaffiliated’.

Anyway… I understand how important it is that the Dems lose their grip on power this coming November, so I beg everyone to vote out as many Dems as possible. As it looks now that should be fairly easy, just make darn sure you go and vote. DON’T SIT HOME AND EXPECT OTHERS TO COVER FOR YOU! Then in another two years we need to do the same, with one very big difference, I’m going to ask all Conservatives to vote Conservative for every single position on the ballots, including for Dog Catcher! The one and only exception is President. As punishment to all RINO’s I think we should start a national movement to have Conservatives vote for whomever the Democrat candidate is for president at that time. And yes I’m totally aware that probably means voting for Obama. If we take care of all the other positions Obama would be a toothless wonder, so his Marxist agenda dies on the vine.

Think it through and let me know, and in case you are wondering… I’m dead serious about this.





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15 09 2010

Hola, Gio.

It’s the National Republican Senate Committee, or somesuch. Who is headed by John Cornyn of Texas. He who endorsed turncoat Charlie Crist on the day he announced for Senate, some fifteen months ago. At the time, I wrote Sen. Cornyn a rather pointed e-mail….stay out of my local politics, thank you very much.

Apparently neither Cornyn, nor the House Republicans, received the message (I keep getting funding solicitations from these asshats, to which I always reply “no more money for you until you STOP IT). It being supporting the elite/established and RINO candidates.

Apparently our (conservative) pushback over the establishment foot-stomping of last night (Rove, RNSC, etc.) has had an effect, I just heard the Senate Committe would donate the maximum $42K to O’Donnell’s campaign. However there is ALOT more they could, and should, do. We need to keep their feet to the fire.

I heard a Palin phone interview earlier, she oh-so-subtly whacked these elitists upside the head. Bravo, Governor! They’re going to buy a clue, or have to buy new offices.

We, as conservatives, need to continue to individually support conservative candidates, whether or not they are “our” critters. If money pours in nationwide for O’Donnell, she’ll be able to fight of the democrat machine, which you can bet is doing everything within its power to retain “Biden’s seat”.

But, us tempermental voters (MsM having a heart attack that we had a collective temper tantrum, LOL…they’ve not seen anything yet) have it within our power to affect the outcome, big money and entrenched pols be damned!

As for your premise….NO, NO, NO. If we can push enough true conservatives over the top this time, bucking the “conventional wisdom” of the punditocracy about electability….we’ll get the conservative candidate we need and DEMAND in 2012.

Now is the time to firewall the engine.

~ Blonde Gator

P.S. Don’t get mad, “Clear Thinker”….get even. It’s alot more fun, and better for your blood pressure.

P.S.S. Busted Blonde Mom out of rehab yesterday, she’s tooling around on her walker and should be as good as new (and vrooming around in the white convertible Mustang) soon. Cheers!

15 09 2010

If we get another RINO candidate like McLame on the ticket I will not give him my vote. I myself am done voting for RINO’s as the lesser of two evils. I would rather have a Dem in office, where I know which way they will vote, than keep electing these candy-A** RINO’s who always flip and crush your hopes when it counts.

16 09 2010

As much as it would kill me to vote for The Traitor, I too would not for a RINO (Rommey). Pray that we don’t get to that point again & that the TEA party makes a difference b4 2012!

17 09 2010
K Williams

I would not be to disheartened. It is all going as expected. The Old Regime will whine and groan but will eventually have to give up the ring of power to the tea party as we win more seats. Now is not the time for war within the party. That is just what the dems want. Now is the time to peacefully resolve our issues and move forward to taking back the country and restoring honor to America as we once knew it.

17 09 2010

I don’t consider it war. I like to think of it more as a ‘purging’.


20 09 2010

Instead of voting Republican, if a few million of us conservatives had voted for a third party candidate, the outcome would have been the same but the Republican Party would have got a clear message as to the direction it needed to go. My hope is that the cash donations to the Republican party from the state of Delaware dry up because the republicans sure are not helpng like they should. As for me, I’m with you on voting for the conservative candidate no matter the “electability”. Voting for thr better of two evils is still voting for an evil and I’m done with doing that.

23 09 2010
D. Tye

I’m all for voting out ALL incumbents, whatever their party, especially the Dems, but leaving a power crazy, anti-American in office is playing with fire!! With or without athe power of the Senate and Congress, the President of the U.S. has great influence and power……way too dangerous a proposition!!!!!!!!!!

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