Michael Moore Anti-American Slob

13 09 2010

When people fight with me over how I call people Anti-American, they only add their names to my anti-Americans list.


P.S.  I found this pic of Moore from a news conference he held recently. One of the two reporters there, asked Moore how he personally felt about his closely held attitudes towards America. I gotta admit, when he used this hand signal to give his answer, I thought he nailed IT!

More American hate from the worlds biggest (by weight) LOSER.

Michael Moore, in his recent composition for RSN, spoke against the cherished desire of anti-ground-zero-mosque Americans, and in fact, urged and wished a mosque constructed not two blocks away from Ground Zero, but exactly on Ground Zero.

With arguments against the Ground Zero mosque prevalent, the true voice of most Americans appeared to be compressed, but Michael Moore, famed for his neutral outlook and impersonal approach, was able to get his words out and loud via his recent essay.

Advocating his views for building a mosque on Ground Zero, Michael Moore said that he believes in an America that grants the right to worship to all and sundry, wherever they intend and to whomever they like, and in an America that helps those who are victims of hate and prejudice.

Michael Moore further said that building a mosque on Ground Zero will commemorate the souls of the 1,100 people whose dead bodies are hitherto not found. He also made astonishing revelations that the notion of making a community centre rather mosque was the brain child of a Jewish Rabbi, whose words are worth citing,

“The citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for having given to the mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy – a policy worth of imitation”.

Michael Moore added that around five dozen Muslims died in the September 11 attack, which manifested intentions of the terrorists, who did not care about taking lives of people belonging to any religion. Saying no to building of a mosque on Ground Zero is an offense in its highest form.

Requesting the people of the United States to donate for the project, Michael Moore emphasized that this will restore the lost confidence of the Muslim community, which is now asking, “Will we ever belong?”




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13 09 2010

Yeah, and I’m sure MOOre is behind all Christians that want the right to display their Christmas decorations, write about Christ in school, etc. Funny, those that bash Christianity come to the defense all of a sudden for “religious tolerance”…HYPOCRITE, and a fat one at that!

13 09 2010


The following is about the nicest thing I could say about him… This guy is worthless!


11 07 2011
Hollis Eckert

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