Obama A Poisonous Snake?

10 09 2010

The short answer would be… YES!

While writing this I have his news conference playing in the background, and it should come to NO surprise to any of you that his every word raises my blood pressure. This is how I see it…

President Obama is a professional liar! So far, all I have heard from him is the following: “Everything I have done has saved this country from complete ruin” and “The Republicans are keeping us from getting anything done”. Unless you are a complete partisan you know damn well that he’s LYING on both counts.

Will someone please explain to our LIC (liar in chief) that he and his Democrat Party own the White House. He and his Democrat Party own the Congress, and he and his Democrat Party own the Senate. He and his Democrat Party own the Media.

Newsflash Mr. President… You can do whatever you want and you don’t need any Republicans, so stop lying to the good people of the USA and take the blame like a man!


P.S. I beg all of you to gather your friends and family members and make damn sure they get to the polls in November. This country cannot afford this president, nor his party, any longer.




3 responses

10 09 2010
Doc's Wife

Unless ACORN pays the ones who voted for BO, I doubt they will get up off their lazy asses, for fear of missing their soap operas, to vote. Everyone we know will be at the polls with bells on because it is the end of our great nation if these fools continue to “govern”!

10 09 2010

Amen to that!


10 09 2010

I passed by two women the other day at the Post Office discussing this (one woman was at an impeach Obama) table. The other woman was arguing w/her saying Repubs are stopping everything. I walked by, stopped, and asked her how that was possible since the dems were in control and have been for some time. She looked dumbfounded and stated, “they don’t want any progress”. Told her to do her homework and quit spewing Soros-talking points. Thought she was going to go ballastic on me and I kept walking…

These people really ARE stoopid. Hope they stay home like Doc’s Wife said…

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