Obama The Leader

8 09 2010

No matter which side of the ideologic divide you fall on, there is one thing everyone can agree on… Obama is our leader!

To progressive/liberals… Obama is the guy that will lead them to Communist nirvana.

To Conservatives… Obama is the guy that will lead them and the country, to Hell. 

This is exactly what his leadership skills has come to. However, we have a chance to decide the fate of our country and nix any power he has to lead come this November. As you talk to your friends and neighbors point to the two above choices, then demand they do something to help save our country… vote!





2 responses

8 09 2010
Doc's Wife

I have a horror that BO, Soros, and other goons will rig the electronic voting machines so they won’t lose. They could and would do it! I pray they don’t.

8 09 2010

The vote is whats important now! If we do it right we can make a huge difference in the way we the people are treated by our elected officials. We want them to listen and accept our opinion with respect, and to enact the will of the people, not their own. We can do that through our votes. Vote out every incumbent, regardless of party affiliation, unless he has a stellar record!!! Thats a message they will hear loud and clear: “If you don’t respect your constituants opinions, and you don’t enact the will of the people, you’re gone”!!!!!!!

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