Fareed Zakaria Sucks

6 09 2010

Fareed Zakaria made some really stupid comments in the latest ssue of Newsweek and it got posted on the Huffington Post. The real sickening part of it is… he’s being hailed as some kind of progressive/liberal hero for saying that “America Overreacted To 9/11”

Link to the article… Fareed Zakaria: America Overreacted To 9/11

Link to HuffPo… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/05/fareed-zakaria-america-ov_n_706237.html#comments

Overreacted my ass. The recent rash of people coming to the defense of those wanting to build a mosque next to ground zero tells me that we haven’t acted enough!





4 responses

6 09 2010

Screw this man and all the progressives that sympathize w/the terrorists. I’m sure the famlies of those human beings that were burned alive or jumped to their death would concur that we “overreacted”.

If these progressives love the Muslim people then I suggest they all move to a Muslim country. Then the women and homosexuals get back to me and let me know how that works for ya…

6 09 2010




7 09 2010
Doc's Wife

This man makes me sick!!! All the fools who feels 9-11 was not such a big deal need to just get the hell out of our country. I am sick of it!!

8 04 2012

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