Truck Drivers Are Suckers

5 09 2010

I just got off the phone with my Bro-in-law and wow is he pissed-off. According to him our government considers truck drivers “SUCKERS”.

Our government has recenlty found another way to screw Truck Drivers and the companies that hire them. My brother-in-law is a long haul truck driver and a small time Trucking outfit owner. Because of our wonderful government he may soon be out of work as both an owner and a owner/operator, and here’s why. Keep in mind I haven’t looked into details yet so I’m going by what he told me.

The Government on the federal level has come up with an ingenius points system they are now handing out to drivers. Once you accumulate 100 points you are no longer allowed to drive. Although this points system has just been introduced, they are holding old accidents and/or tickets against all drivers. He just found out he now has 98 points. He has 5 drivers that work for him and come Tuesday he has to fire all of them because they all have over 100. On the surface you might think that my bro-in-law is a very bad driver and his drivers are unsafe and unfit to be on the roads, not so. Here’s two examples he gave me… two years ago while driving through Georgia another tractor trailer driver came across a medium trying to avoiding hitting a school bus and ended up running into my bro-in-law Joe. No fault of Joe’s, he was just in the wrong place in the wrong time and for that the government charged him 80 points, which he just found out about. The other example is just one reason why he’s so close to losing his CDL-Commercial Drivers License. Most trucks that have to back up to a loading dock end up bumping the rear-end of the trailer into the dock. Not hard, just enough so the driver knows he can’t go any further. There are times when a small jolt like that will knock out a tail-light. Then you go down the road from that stop and suddenly you get pulled over for a tail light being out… more government points.

Oh, adding insult to injury, these points don’t go against the flood of drivers from Canada and Mexico that are about to hit our highways due to some new agreement our federal government has come up with.

I don’t see truck drivers putting up with this for too long before they drive into D.C. and shut it down. There is another problem I can foresee… Only young  inexperienced truck drivers will be on our highways with all the Canadian and Mexican drivers making our highways nothing less than death traps!





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6 09 2010

Ah, the hope and change continues…

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