Black Communism in USA-#101

3 09 2010
UPDATE: The title of this piece has been changed fromCommunism in USA #101″ to a more appropiate title of “Black Communism in USA-#101”. 

To all my readers… this may be the most worrisome post I ever put in front of people. I’m not talking about ‘worrisome’ as in “do my socks match this morning?“, no I’m talking about ‘worrisome’ as in “I have a daughter going to Universtity in that city and its just been burned to the ground, and I pray to God she’s alive“! Yes, I’m talking scary stuff.First let me warn you: There is a lot of reading involved in this post, but please…. I ask that you take the time to read through all of it and see if you notice some of what I am.This all started earlier this morning when I heard someone on the radio say that the big rally that the left is calling for on Oct 2nd, 2010 or known as “10-2-10” is falling on a particular date that is important to some on the left. (sorry, I did not catch all of that conversation because I was listening to the radio and my wife kept talking loudly, about her sister). Because I missed the part of who that date relates to, I started to do some digging when I got back home in front of my PC. All 3 pieces below (plus this rant) were stumbled upon by me while looking for the date connection (I still don’t know the connection), and each one of them grabbed my attention for different reasons. What I am about to say is a direct result of what I read in these 3 pieces. The oldest of these pieces are about 4 days ago, so as you can guess we are talking very recent, not old stuff I dug up just to start trouble with. One last thing…. I have NOT gone cuckoo-cuckoo, or suddenly became addicted to some powerful drugs, and I still have yet to drink alcohol since my accident back in March. I’m as sane and sober as I have ever been.

All of us Conservatives have been busy going about our lives as if there wasn’t a care in the world while those that want to destroy our country have been busy behind the scenes. Very busy! 

I knew there were some small pockets around the country where spewing anti-American sentiment is just the cool thing to do, but I also knew that given the right ingredients being stirred together, that this anti-Americanism could be explosive. That’s why I posted the “45 Communist Goals for America” at the top of my blogroll on the right side-bar on this site, just as a heads-up for anyone interested. Now, with what I read today, added in with some of the historical stuff that Beck has been providing for the past year, doing a good bit of my own research, and knowing the “45 Goals”, I think its now clear, at least to me, what’s been happening while we have been asleep at the wheel.

Somebody has convinced a large segment of the Black Church leaders in this country that it is in their best interest to climb aboard the Communist Train to hell! These Black leaders in turn have used their Churches to brainwash their congregation into believing the BS of the Communist Manifesto. I cannot think of one good thing that Communism offers the Black community, zip, zero, nada! But I’m too late with my words of wisdom, the damage has been done. Black Churches have become the Communist breeding ground in the USA. The Communists have been busy with large segments of all minorities, the student youth, and the female population. This now makes sense to me, as I consider how little sense the Obama administration makes with many of their decisions. They are directly working to build a Communist America, but they first must destroy the Free America that stands in their way.

Now, please consider all I have said as you read through the 3 pieces below. The words, actions, intent, and lies, you are about to read, should solidify your gut feelings about Obama.

As you read you will be pulled in different directions, but keep focused on their end goal so as to understand why I’m so worried. I can’t wait to hear from all of you on this one!


Thousands March for Justice in D.C., Detroit, New Orleans

WASHINGTON (NNPA) – A red, black and green flag flapping in the sweltering Saturday afternoon breeze said it all in the one word embroidered on its front – “Justice.” That one word encompassed the sentiments of the throng of thousands who weaved for miles through the streets of Washington, D.C. behind civil rights leaders, chanting, singing and shouting demands from the powers that be.

“What do we want? … Justice! … When do we want it? … Now!”

This was the clarion call that went out from Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Reclaim the Dream” rally and march, adding fuel to an obvious rekindling of a movement to refocus attention back on the plight of the historically oppressed – largely Black people in America – and the disparities that are clear.

“You may remember that my father, in 1967 and early ‘68 was focused on economic empowerment, bringing together poor Blacks and poor Whites, and poor Native Americans and poor Americans from all walks of life. He did not live to see that come to fruition,” said Martin Luther King III after the march reached the MLK Memorial construction site. “But, today, 47 years since the marh on Washington, we are here talking about economic empowerment for all. And so, I hope that we understand as we observe in love that this is not about a left side or a right side. This is about God’s side in terms of doing that which is good, just and right for all of America. Not for a Republican or a Democrat or an independent, but for every American. That’s what Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream was about.”

King III made that point with clarity as the “Reclaim the Dream” march was named as such because of a rally on the same day, led by Fox News host Glenn Beck, leader of the conservative Tea Party movement, which is widely known for its anti-Obama and perceptually anti-Black perspective. Tea Partiers were accused of hurling racial epithets at members of Congress as they crossed the street to the Capitol to cast their health care votes in March.

Little more than a mile from the majority Black “Reclaim the Dream” crowd, the Beck crowd stood on the Washington Mall in a “Restoring Honor” rally that drew a near-solidly White crowd to the same spot – the Lincoln Memorial – Where Dr. King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. Beck had said the date of his rally was a coincidence, but many saw it as disrespectful to the legacy of the civil rights leader.

“Well, they may have the mall, but we have the message. They may have the platform, but we have the dream,” said Sharpton at Dunbar high school where thousands gathered to prepare for the trek. “If you understood dreaming, you can dream anywhere. We don’t have to be at the spot. All we need to be is who we are. We can dream from jail cells. We can dream from hospital beds. We can dream wherever we are!”

Saturday’s march to the King Memorial, another in Detroit with the Rev. Jesse Jackson and yet another on Sunday in the lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, underscored Sharpton’s point that people around the nation – wherever they are – are daring to mobilize. Many are preparing to vote in mid-term elections Nov. 2. Others are simply feeling the need to do something as they come to the realization that racial disparities in just about every category are nearly as outrageous as they were 40 years ago.

Yet a “One Nation” march on Washington, led by the NAACP and some 200 other organizations around the nation will be held Oct. 2, illustrating the passion of this moment in history. “We need you back here on 10-2-10,” shouted Jealous to the crowd, citing the aim to “put our country back to work and pull our country back together!”

Other speakers included Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Melanie Campbell of the National Coalition for Black Civil Participation, Marc Morial of the National Urban League and radio talk show hosts Tom Joyner and Joe Madison, who emceed the rally at Dunbar.

Despite the focus on key issues of disparity, an overriding focus was the perceived insult by the Beck crowd whose philosophy led the anti-civil rights movement in the 60s.

Sharpton concluded, “While they are down there, they ought to have Abe Lincoln to tell them why he fought against state’s rights and held the union together. They ought to read Dr. King’s speech. And then they need to talk to some of us who came up the rough side of the mountain. That’s why we’re marching. Somebody said there’s no trouble today. Ain’t no trouble. We wouldn’t disgrace today by allowing you to provoke us. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, we’re going to celebrate those who laid down their lives to give us a chance.”


The Washington Informer

Mass Marches Across the Nation to Expose Vast Racial Inequities

FRIDAY, 27 AUGUST 2010 09:39
According to civil rights veteran the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., an estimated 23,000 people were arrested in civil rights protests across America between Feb. 1, 1960 and Aug. 28, 1963. On that day, 47 years ago, people not only marched on Washington, but in cities and towns around the nation.

“That day a thousand marches took place around the country at the same time, marches for justice and jobs,” Jackson recalled in an interview with the NNPA News Service this week.

As a result of those marches and the publicity they got, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were passed by a U. S. Congress that was hard-pressed to say no to hundreds of thousands of voters chanting in the streets.

This appears to be the strategy being employed once again as at least four major marches and rallies, starting this Saturday, will hit sidewalks and parks across the nation for the purposes of calling attention to social ills and prevailing inequities mainly in America’s Black and Latino communities.

“We’ve never lost a battle we’ve had mass marches for,” says Jackson. “Mass marches laid the ground work for mass registration. And forces immediately respond to the cry of the masses.”

Details for the four marches are as follows:

• Saturday, Aug. 28, Detroit, Mich.: “Rebuild America: Jobs, Justice, Peace” march, led by Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. Meet at 10:30 a.m. 151 Jefferson Avenue at the UAW-Ford National Programs Center Next to Hart Plaza. Rally will take place at 11:30 a.m. at the Grand Circus Park.

According to Rev. Jackson, the march aims to focus on the void in urban policy. “Dry roots do not produce fruit. People are disengaging in politics because their needs are not being addressed. In Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, vacant lots boarded houses rising unemployment, rising violence and closing schools are leading to low [voter] turnout. We want a focus on the need for a renewed commitment to an urban policy. It’s a key to November and beyond.”

• Saturday, Aug. 28, Washington, D.C. “Reclaim the Dream” March, sponsored by the National Action Network, led by the Rev. Al Sharpton. Protestors will meet at 11 a.m. at Dunbar High School, 1301 New Jersey Ave. NW.

Sharpton told the NNPA News Service that the march is intended to expose the issues still disparately plaguing Black communities and then “lay out legislative actions we want to see enacted.”

“Marching is not designed to solve the problems. Marching is designed to expose the problem. But, if you don’t expose the problems, no one is going to solve it because no one’s going to be forced to,” Sharpton says. “We want to expose that there is double unemployment, Black to White in this country. 

We want to expose the education gap that is clearly in this country…Also, we want to expose the criminal justice system from police brutality to the question of high incarceration and fourthly we want to say that we want to expose the health disparities. We want to say that we’ve made a lot of progress in 47 years but we’re still not equal and that life for Blacks in this country is still qualitatively different that life for Whites.”

• Sunday, Aug. 29, New Orleans, La.: Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, sponsored by the Black Leadership Forum and the Hip Hop Caucus. The event will start at 10 a.m. with a healing ceremony at Jourdan Road and North Galvez at the location where the levee’s breached in the lower 9th Ward.

Protestors will reveal obvious racial bias in the lack of reconstruction in the predominately Black Ninth Ward; a 75 percent reduction in public housing apartments which were 98 percent African-American; and a 50 percent dropped in the 90 percent Black public schools population. 

For more information visit or email Darryl Perkins at

• Saturday, Oct. 2, Washington, D.C. Mall: “One Nation, Working Together for Jobs, Justice and Education for All”, sponsored by the NAACP and more than 200 social and civil rights organizations around the nation of multiple races and socio-economic statuses.

NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous said the march is aimed to push for progress in the U.S. Senate by encouraging people to vote on Nov. 2.

“We have made tremendous progress in this country over the last two years. We have seen this progress destroyed by obstructionists in the Senate, including on job creation, justice for Black farmers, and urgently needed funding for schools,” Jealous said.

“Where we’ve made progress, we’ve made progress because Blacks, Latinos, organized labor, students and small business people found a way to work together and put our shoulders to the wheel together. We saw that with health care for instance which was pronounced DOA and then revived by us coming back together and working hard together.”

The October march, nicknamed the “10-2-10 March”, will have a three step goal, Jealous said. “Step one will get people to Washington on Oct. 2 so we are reenergized and refocused. Step two is to return to our communities to re-energize, refocus and reconnect our neighbors, get them committed to vote and turnout. Step three is to return to Washington next spring with the agenda of the march and work with Congress to get bills passed and assure that progress is made.”

The fact that America has its first Black president has not slowed the need to press for change in racial inequities. Anyone who thought marching and rallies would be over due to the Obama presidency had a “foolish thought,” says Jackson. 

“There’s always been a competition for the attention of the president. Whoever has the most activity and strength gets on the priority list. … Marching empowers the president.”

President Obama himself, during his historic campaign, repeatedly quoted Frederick Douglass’, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.”
Says Jackson, In 2010, nobody has to get arrested in order to make an impact, but “People who feel they can’t do it alone feel courage when they do it together.

Marches involve action. Moses marched when Egypt crossed the Red Sea to Cannon. Jesus marched on Palm Sunday. Ghandi marched. Dr. King Marched…We’re encouraging people to march wherever you are.”


Revolution Online

‘Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA’

“The land of the free, and the home of the brave.” “The leader of the free world.” That’s what they always say about this country. But this is a Big Lie.

The truth is that we live under a system that, from the start in this country, built up its wealth and power by enslaving millions of Black people, stealing land from Indians and Mexicans through war and genocide, and working many people, including children, literally to death. It is by such murderous means that this system has expanded “from sea to shining sea” across this continent—and around the whole world.

It is a system of capitalism-imperialism…a system in which U.S. imperialism is the most monstrous, most oppressive superpower…a system driven by a relentless chase after profit, which brings horror upon horror, a nightmare seemingly without end, for the vast majority of humanity: poverty and squalor…torture and rape…the wholesale domination and degradation of women everywhere…wars, invasions and occupations…assassinations and massacres…planes, missiles, tanks and troops of the USA bombarding people in faraway lands while they sleep in their homes or go about their daily lives, blasting their little children to pieces, cutting down men and women in the prime of life, or in old age, kicking down their doors and dragging them away in the middle of the night…while here in the USA itself the police harass, brutalize and murder youth in the streets of the inner cities—over and over again—and then they spit out their maddening insults, insisting that this is “justified,” as if these youth are not human beings, have no right to live, deserve no respect and no future.

Throughout the world, as a result of this system, a billion people or more go hungry every day…with many facing the threat of starvation. Hundreds of millions of children are forced to work like slaves and to live in putrid slums, in the midst of garbage and human waste. Waves of immigrants, unable to live in their own homelands, travel the earth in search of work—and if they find it, they are worked until they can hardly stand and are forced into the shadows, with the constant fear that they will be deported and their families broken apart. Growing numbers of people cannot find work at all now, with many losing their homes as well as their jobs, while others are worked even more mercilessly. Everyone is lured and driven to consume more and more, at the cost of ever-mounting debt and the loss of any sense of larger purpose or meaning to life or any deeper connection with other human beings. Many are being pushed to the edge…growing numbers are going over the edge, often lashing out in crazed desperation.

Young women in the millions are traded like cattle and forced into sexual slavery, shipped across countries and continents, while women everywhere are degraded, demeaned, and brutalized in a thousand ways—beaten and raped in huge numbers, treated as objects of sexual gratification and breeders of children instead of full human beings. The idea of an intimate loving relationship with another human being is made into a sick joke, perverted into a property or commodity relation, weighed down by repressive patriarchal tradition and denied or restricted for people of the same sex.

The environment and human destiny itself is being taken to the brink of disaster.

All this because of the dictates of this system—because of its stranglehold on humanity. All this while technology and wealth exist on a scale and in forms never before imagined—technology and wealth produced by millions, billions, throughout the world who are nameless and faceless to the powers that be—technology and wealth that could and should be a resource belonging to humanity as a whole and used to meet the needs of people everywhere for a decent and ever-enriched material, intellectual and cultural life.

Look at what this system is doing to youth right here in the USA. For millions in the inner cities, if they are not killed at an early age, their likely future is prison (nearly 1 in 8 young Black men is incarcerated, the prisons are overflowing with Blacks and Latinos, and this country has the highest rate of incarceration of women in the world). This system has robbed so many youth of the chance for a decent life and has got far too many living, dying and killing for nothing—nothing good—nothing more than messing up people and murdering each other on the streets of the cities here…or joining the military, being trained to be murderers on a mass scale, massacring people in countries across the globe. A system which offers millions and millions of youth no greater purpose, no better fate, than crime and punishment, or to become a mindless killing machine for the system itself—that alone is reason enough to sweep this system from the face of the earth!

And, despite the good intentions of many teachers, the educational system is a bitter insult for many youth and a means of regimentation and indoctrination overall. While, particularly in some “elite” schools, there is some encouragement for students to think in “non-conformist” ways—so long as, in the end, this still conforms to the fundamental needs and interests of the system—on the whole, instead of really enabling people to learn about the world and to pursue the truth wherever it leads, with a spirit of critical thinking and scientific curiosity, education is crafted and twisted to serve the commandments of capital, to justify and perpetuate the oppressive relations in society and the world as a whole, and to reinforce the dominating position of the already powerful. And despite the creative impulses and efforts of many, the dominant culture too is corrupted and molded to lower, not raise, people’s sights, to extol and promote the ways of thinking, and of acting, that keep this system going and keep people believing that nothing better is possible.

Look at the lies they constantly tell us—with all their honeyed words about “democracy” for the people and “human rights,” while they are ruthlessly dictating over people, with force and violence, all over the world, and right here at home. Oh, and now they come on with Obama…to make us think they will be bringing some kind of change for the better. But Obama represents this system, and all this system can bring is more of the same: more torture and torment, more oppression and brutality, more war and destruction.

Some say this is all “god’s will” and we just have to “put it all in god’s hands.” But it was not some god that got us in this situation…and it won’t be some god that will get us out of it. The truth is, there are no gods…and we don’t need them!


It is this system that has got us in the situation we’re in today, and keeps us there. And it is through revolution to get rid of this system that we ourselves can bring a much better system into being. The ultimate goal of this revolution is communism: A world where people work and struggle together for the common good…Where everyone contributes whatever they can to society and gets back what they need to live a life worthy of human beings…Where there are no more divisions among people in which some rule over and oppress others, robbing them not only of the means to a decent life but also of knowledge and a means for really understanding, and acting to change, the world.

This revolution is both necessary and possible.

This capitalist-imperialist system is in crisis…This system is bankrupt…This system is rotten to the core…This system is based on ruthless exploitation…This system commits so many monstrous crimes, and causes so much unnecessary suffering. We do not need to be sacrificing even more to “rescue” this system. This system needs to be swept aside…its crimes against humanity stopped cold…its institutions dismantled, and replaced by ones that empower people to build a new society free of exploitation and oppression.

The biggest lie of all is that there is no other way than this system—or that attempts to really make a different way, through revolution and advancing toward communism, have brought about something even worse. The wretched of the earth have made revolution and started on the road to communism—first in Russia and then in China—and they achieved great things in doing so, before they were turned back by the forces of the old order. We are here to tell you that not only has this been done before, but we can do it again—and even better this time. This is the truth that is covered up and lied about, but we have the facts and the analysis to back this up—tremendous historical experience has been summed up, scientifically, and is there for us to learn from and build on.

It is up to us: to wake upto shake off the ways they put on us, the ways they have us thinking so they can keep us down and trapped in the same old rat-race…to rise up, as conscious Emancipators of Humanity. The days when this system can just keep on doing what it does to people, here and all over the world…when people are not inspired and organized to stand up against these outrages and to build up the strength to put an end to this madness…those days must be GONE. And they CAN be.

“But people are too messed up. It’s just human nature for things to be this way, and it can’t be changed.”

Yes, it can. It has happened before—when people have risen up to make revolution. It can and must be done again—and it can and must go even further. We, in our millions and millions, can change ourselves and fit ourselves to rule and remake society in the interests of humanity—but we can do this only as we fight to change the larger conditions, to throw off oppression, as we join with others, throughout the world, to change the whole world. This is what our Party means when we say: Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution.

“But we are not in a position to make revolution in this country…they are too powerful, and they will never let us get that far.” No one is more aware than our Party of the difficulties, the risks and the dangers, in making revolution. We are out here working for this every day. We know the price that has to be paid…and we know it is worth it, and that giving our lives to this is more rewarding than anything else. We know that they want to stop this revolution—crush it and bury it before it can really get going again…but we also know that a fight can be waged, and that we can have a chance to win the fight, to make this revolution real. And, yes, it is true—now is not yet the time, in this country, to go all-out to seize the power away from those who rule over us and to bring a new power, serving our interests, into being. But now IS the time to be WORKING FOR REVOLUTION—to be stepping up resistance while building a movement for revolution—to prepare for the time when it WILL be possible to go all out to seize the power.

Revolution can be made when there is a revolutionary situation, an even greater crisis in society as a whole: when people in greater numbers come to deeply feel and understand that the present power has no legitimacy…that it serves only a handful of oppressors…that it uses lies and deception, corruption and completely unjust force and violence to keep this system going and “keep the people in their place”…when millions see the need to fight to break this power and establish a new power that can bring about the changes that people desperately need and want. For a revolution, there must be a revolutionary people, among all sections of society but with its deepest base among those who catch hell every day under this system…people who are determined to fight for power in order to radically change society, to get rid of oppression and exploitation. But the point is this: we cannot, and we must not, sit around and wait for “one fine day” when this revolutionary situation comes about and a revolutionary people comes on the scene. No, we must—and we can—work to bring a revolutionary people into being…to enable people to see why they should put no faith in this system, and should not live and die in a way that keeps this system going…but instead should devote their lives to resisting oppression and building up for the time when we can get rid of the cause of all this oppression. Using our Party’s newspaper, Revolution, as the foundation, guideline, and organizational scaffolding for this whole process, this is what our Party means when we say we are hastening while awaiting the revolutionary situation, preparing minds and organizing forcesfor revolution.

All this is not possible without leadership. But the thing is…There is leadership.


In Bob Avakian, the Chairman of our Party, we have the kind of rare and precious leader who does not come along very often. A leader who has given his heart, and all his knowledge, skills and abilities to serving the cause of revolution and the emancipation of humanity. Bob Avakian came alive as a revolutionary in the 1960s—taking part in the great movements of those days, and especially working and struggling closely with the most advanced revolutionary force in the U.S. at that time, the Black Panther Party. Since then, and while many others have given up, Bob Avakian has worked and struggled tirelessly to find the way to go forward, having learned crucial lessons and built lasting organization that could continue the struggle, and aim to take it higher, while uniting with the same struggle throughout the world. He has kept on developing the theory and strategy for making revolution. He played the key role in founding our Party in 1975, and since then he has continued the battle to keep the Party on the revolutionary road, to carry out work with a strong revolutionary orientation. He has deeply studied the experience of revolution—the shortcomings as well as the great achievements—and many different fields of human endeavor, through history and throughout the world—and he has brought the science and method of revolution to a whole new level, so that we can not only fight but really fight to win. Bob Avakian has developed the scientific theory and strategic orientation for how to actually make the kind of revolution we need, and he is leading our Party as an advanced force of this revolution. He is a great champion and a great resource for people here, and indeed people all over the world. The possibility for revolution, right here, and for the advance of the revolution everywhere, is greatly heightened because of Bob Avakian and the leadership he is providing. And it is up to us to get with this leadership…to find out more about Bob Avakian and the Party he heads…to learn from his scientific method and approach to changing the world…to build this revolutionary movement with our Party at the core…to defend this leadership as the precious thing it is…and, at the same time, to bring our own experience and understanding to help strengthen the process of revolution and enable the leadership we have to keep on learning more and leading even better.

If you have not heard about this—if you don’t know about the revolution we need and the leadership we have—that is because those who now hold power do not want you to know…they keep this from you, or lie about it when they can’t keep word of it from getting out. And it is because our Party itself has not, until now, been consistent enough and bold enough in getting the word out, and acting on it.


We must spread the word to every corner of this country…giving people the means to become part of this revolutionary movement, and organizing into this movement everyone who wants to make a contribution to it, who wants to work and fight, to struggle and sacrifice, not to keep this nightmare of a world going as it is but to bring a better world into being.

We mean what we say, and we will not back off or turn our backs on what we have started, on the people who need this revolution. We will keep coming back and digging in, to strengthen this movement for revolution, to build up the bases, spread the influence and organize the forces we need to make revolution. We will not be scared off, backed down or driven away.



As our Party’s Constitution says: “The emancipation of all humanity: this, and nothing less than this, is our goal. There is no greater cause, no greater purpose to which to dedicate our lives.”




9 responses

3 09 2010
Doc's Wife

WOW–I need a day or so to think about this! it is very dangerous.

4 09 2010


The hair on the beck of my neck stood up while I started reading the very first article. My suspicion is caused by the demanding mantra of “Justice”. As it says… “What do we want… JUSTICE”. “When do we want it…NOW!
Ok, everyone in the country wants justice when its called for, but I’m not exactly clear what it is that black leaders like Rev. Al (Slick) Sharpton want or mean by the “Justice” they want. It seems to this simple minded blogger, that people like Rev. Al are purposely trying to stir up racial problems, but unlike riots this country has seen in the past, this time they are wanting to team up with other large minorities like Hispanics to tear apart our country. I pray I’m wrong!


4 09 2010
Doc's Wife

Gio, I fear that you may be right. Theses so-called ministers spew nothing but hate and love nothing better than a good protest. That said, I have felt for a long time that the people associated with this administration want to elevate blacks and minorities while putting Wasps down to levels never seen before in this country. This is very sad because we can all work together to make our great nation better. But, no, they want a flip-flop so they can rule. This is a rambling reply and may make no sense, but it is the way I feel. My mom has told the story for years that her grandmother (born and raised in MS after the Civil War) said “Mark my words, in the future this nation will see a black-white war.” Sure hope she was wrong.

4 09 2010

I too need time to read through all this and process. At first glance, they claim racial injustice, yet don’t we have a man that is half African American holding the highest office in the land? Seems the Dream is alive and well yet the race-baiters won’t let it die…

5 09 2010


It is a bit much to process, and it goes against everything we believe in. The race-baiters are now modern day communists. Strife between the races works to their advantage and we had better start to understand what we are facing before its too late!


5 09 2010

A lot of facts and figures are thrown about in these articles, cries for “Justice” terrible incarceration rates, poverty etc. and the only answer appears to be found under a unified communist goal? Marching on washington and demanding justice from the exploitative capitalist system? Looking deeply at the problems they cite and the solutions they offer, their communist goals cannot succeed without a capitalist society to sustain it! The poverty, suffering and disparity are all choices, as harsh as that seems. The great thing about this country is our ability to make something from nothing, hard work and sweat equity do have meaning and substance. The subversive goals of the rallies, the race baiting and lies from the left are all destructive to themselves and it is troubling to see the communist ties not so under the surface of thier goals. Their ultimate success will be not only their own failure, but a failure to us all and this country. They will not succeed, they cannot succeed, as long as we the people still stand up for what we believe in and stay vigilant there will always be more freedom loving Americans in this country than them.

5 09 2010


Very well thought out. However, they have been sold a bill of goods by those that use them for their own purposes, so you and I may understand how our system is far superior to a commie regime, but getting them to believe it will be damn near impossible.

I also agree about staying vigilant, but now I’m convinced we may have to accept the inevitability of major violence before the dust is settled on this issue. Keep in mind they have also been working the Hispanic angle so they get them as brothers in arms, so this would be much different than anything we have seen in the past.

Its gonna be my kids and my grandkids that will have to be in the streets defending and spilling blood so I wish it would happen now so they don’t have to do the dirty work.

Spending that last couple of days thinking about this issue, I have come up with my own term for what I see as happening, “Black Communism”. Sheeesh, this is not gonna go over well, but as usual I’m being painfully and brutally truthful. Gotta go, I talked myself into a headache.


5 09 2010

Yes, Yes and Yeas on all points. I do agree…whether it comes to violence or not our (my) best defense is and always will be to educate my kids, make them question and think for themselves, I am lucky the state I live in still has a fairly decent school system and I really dont have to correct them on much. The one bright spot on all this can be found in Becks latest gathering. I refuse to beleive this country is as far sold out as the media tells us. The media is complicit in all of this and they far undersell the real conservative spirit in this country, instead playing up and continuing to convice the American public and those indiferent to politics that this country is far left, that conservatives are bad, racist etc. So when Beck has a non-political faith based gathering and 500,000+/- show up I gather strength from that and remind myself that while bad… its not over yet.

5 09 2010


The media thinks they are on the right side of this battle, but they (the media) only remind me of something another important, yet not as famous Marxist once said… “We asked for freedom of the press, thought, and civil liberties in the past because we were in the opposition and needed these liberties to conquer. Now that we have conquered, there is no longer any need for such civil liberties.”

Bukharin, 1917


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