This Is War!

28 07 2010

I for one am so mad at the Obama administration that I can’t see straight. We can now point fingers directly at Obama and accusing him of allowing our country to being invaded, and he’s ok with it. My guess is… he and his Democrat partners in crime are going to pay dearly come November. What has happened today boggles the mind… if you are here in the country illegally, you have almost nothing to fear from law enforcement. But if you have been fortunate enough to have been born here, you had better watch your step. This is one of the all-time ass backward situations I have ever known. Obama has officially become an enemy of the state!

How do you feel about todays judgement over the AZ immigration law?





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29 07 2010

Hate the ruling yet not surprised…an activist judge whose ruling will hopefully be overturned by the SCOTUS. This admin goes against the majority of Americans…November will be most satisfying!

29 07 2010

They can spin the polls and massage the numbers any way they like…it wont help them, the American people are overwhelmingly FOR this law. You would think that the administration would remember when the Bush administration had its amnest….errr….”comprehensive immigration reform” moment and the AMERICAN PEOPLE melted the Washington switchboard against it. Its clear what we want, its always been clear, there is nothing “grey” about it, we want the law enforced and the border secured! If the Feds wont do it…then get out of the way and let the states do it.

29 07 2010

We have been made to be second-class citizens in our own country by our own government.

We need to run these statist bastards off at the point of a loaded pitchfork.


29 07 2010
Doc's Wife

Not surprised in the least! BO and his theiving cronies threatened or promised something to this judge to get the outcome they wanted. That is what is happening daily in this administration–Chicago-style thuggery. That said, I believe it will make Americans even more determined than ever to clean house come November.

31 07 2010

I’m wondering when AZ will decide to secede from the union? Am sure TX and probably OK will follow suit. Heard a gal from AZ on radio yesterday telling radio host her husband was driving on road that afternoon and a large group of demonstrators were out throwing things at drivers and putting things in the road to kill people. Of course, there has been no national news coverage of this. Why would there be, when the media wants to make the law-abiding citizens look bad. Disgusting.

1 08 2010


Now we find out that those protesting in AZ are Union workers being Bussed-in from California. I wish there was a way we could punish the Unions without hurting their members. I’m sick and tired of Unions using their money to influence policies that have nothing to do with Unions!


P.S. Of course I’m not so naive to understand, these Union leaders that pay these bus-loads of protesters, expect and get special attention by the President and Democrat politicians. Reminds me of modern day version of Union Brownshirt thugs!

2 08 2010

They were not just union workers, but the majority of them are Hispanic. As a matter of fact, if you look at any of the demonstrations they had in AZ, NY, TX, or CA, you will note that almost ALL are Hispanic. Now, if it wasn’t against the law, they could probably arrest about 90% as illegals, but they have rights!!!! You can’t stop someone who is in our country ilegally from being here, you will trample on their civil rights!!!!! If that doesn’t just frost you, nothing will…..
AZ polls showed that almost 70% of the people were for the law, but then again, or you might say, as usual, the people don’t matter, it’s what the liberals in office want, not the people!!!! Whenever we vote for something they, (the politicians), don’t like, they simply have a liberal judge rule it unconstitutional, and it disappears!!!
Not only were the demonstrators throwing things and yelling obscenities at the motorists, they were waving Mexican flags, something that in their own country, would get anyone waving a foreign flag, arrested and jailed.
America needs to wake up before it is too late, otherwise the next civil war here, will be between the Mexicans and the Islamics!!!!!!

3 08 2010

I personally am not surprised by obama’s reaction to Arizona’s new immigration laws…. obama seems to go against what Americans what on every issue since he has come into office…
You do not want health care TO BAD…..
You do not want cap and trade…….TO BAD
You want people coming into this country to enter legally TO BAD…
You want border patrol to protect the border TO BAD….
TO BAD for you, I AM PRESIDENT, I WON, YOU LOST….. SO DEAL with it is all I get from this wanna be………. The most we as AMERICANS can hope for is that in November we take all his power by voting in every republican on your local tickets…. He can be stopped in his tracks…… maybe no more damage will be done in the next few months……

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