Newsweek And Israel

25 07 2010

Don’t Boycott Israel

The very idea is repellent.


The above article printed in this weeks Newsweek is an interesting read. You can make your own decisions on its unbiased view. Keep in mind it is an Opinion piece.

The more disgusting view can be seen in the bold, in-your-face style that the readers of the HuffingtonPost pride themselves on. Once the Newsweek article was printed at HP people started making comments, and the vast majority of those comments are disgusting and loathsome. As far as the left is concerned, Israel is the bad guy and the Palestinians are cute cuddly Panda Bears.

There are so many mean, cruel comments, that I can’t decide which ones to post here, so instead I will leave you with the URL so you can go and read them for yourselves. Keep in mind that these people (lefties) are supposed to be peace loving, tolerant, loving, caring… gotta stop there, I almost threw-up in my mouth!

Go here…





One response

26 07 2010

pfftt..Newsweek and Huffpo, I would expect nothing less than pure propaganda garbage. And I think it’s well past time we know the progressives are exactly the opposit of tolerant…only tolerant of their beliefs.

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