Freedom Art

25 07 2010

I know my readers are used to my rants and strange sense of humor, but this one may take the cake.

Two days ago I received an email from someone that goes by HK. They sent me a beautiful piece of artwork and made a couple of brief comments, none of which makes any sense to me. Here’s the problem, I don’t know an HK, yet they seem to know me. I have copied their artwork below for your viewing pleasure.

If any of you know an HK please let me know, or if you recognize their art. Also, if HK reads this post, please email me again with some info. It’s driving me crazy not knowing who you are. Enjoy…




2 responses

25 07 2010

Art’s missing Gio. I’d like to see it!

25 07 2010


Don’t know why it went away. Hoefully this one stays put!


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