Enemy Of Race – American Progressives

22 07 2010

This subject really upsets me, so fair warning… I may go ballistic in this post. 

I am thoroughly and completely disgusted as a human can get at the race baiting being perpetuated by the progressive left in this country. Instead of the left being the peaceful, tolerant, forgiving souls, they pretend to be, they are proving to the world that they are nothing more than mean, vindictive, lying, selfish, ideologues, that will say anything, do anything, and worst of all… use anyone, to further their cause.

Over a year ago we started the Conservatives Pledge on Racism so people would know exactly where we stood on the subject (Pledge below). We ask everyone to read it and then go to the link under it if you would like to sign your name to the Pledge Rolls. Just follow the directions once on the site. We never did do alot of advertising of the Pledge, instead we relied on word of mouth. Besides declaring to the world that you are NOT a racist, your actions will be proof that what the left says about you is NOT even close to being true. Instead the Progressives would rather use the race card to try and demean an entire segment of society, hoping it furthers their cause of total Marxist domination of the USA. Here’s just a couple of their thoughts on race…

Keep making excuses for the race dog whistlers.

The problem is Fox viewers doesn’t have a shred of intellgence. And when it comes to this Black President they will believe a lie first.

Nice try… but you clowns (Conservatives) won’t be able to wash this makeup off for decades.

The only real differences being that the bigots in the South seem to be content to wear it on their sleeves, almost as a matter of ‘pride’. The racism in the rest of the country is much more insidious. They keep it hidden, use euphemistic language and “code words”, they hide it in half-truths and obtuse ‘historical references’ and therefore it is far more dangerous.

The resurgence of all of the tried-and-true, old hate groups.. and the staggering growth in the number of new ones like the ‘militias’ and ‘Patriot Movements’ as well as the influx of white supremacists into the military and many State legislatures (see: Arizona), not to mention the “Nativist” Organizations like the “Minutemen” are at a rate not seen since the Reconstruction… and it is everywhere and it is out of control.

They may be talking about people they know, but my circle of friends and relatives do NOT resemble any of the people in their rants.

So you decide. Do you resemble those in the above statements, or are you a Conservative that would rather live by the Pledge below?



How about that folks, I got through this whole post without losing my temper. Yippeee!





6 responses

22 07 2010

I’m very sick of this too…yet I do believe it will only get worse before November. Shoot, it comes straight from the top in the WH. Desparate polling numbers will make people do desparate things…

24 07 2010
K Williams

I think you are seeing a more deep rooted plan in progress. Latino’s are being baited Blacks are being baited and whites are being baited. They are trying to create turmoil.

24 07 2010


I totally understand why you think why they are baiting us, but there is a silly part of me that doesn’t want to believe it. Then again, I have educated myself to know how hard the Marxists have been working on the collapse of the USA, so it makes total sense that they want us all at each others throats. Then they have the perfect reason to step-in and take control.

Part of what pisses me off is having them constantly calling us Conservatives racist, knowing damn well that it’s not even close to the truth. At this time in our history the only group that I hold any grudge against would be radical muslim terrorists. If anyone finds a problem with that then they have no brain.


25 07 2010
K Williams

No the bait is the distraction . The more they keep us at each others throats the better for them. Old Progressive tactic that has gotten a bit stale but, yet is effective still for some reason. Keep everyone divided by class and race and you can manipulate them . But, talk seriously about the issues that we face and logical and intelligent ways to attack the problems we face as a nation. Progressives will lose every time. What they want is to move the country too is serfdom. Most minorities are just now escaping slavery and if they really took a look at what progressives wanted to do they would realize these guys want to move us right back into slavery. Only this time it will be class slavery instead of color.

What separates America from all nations is the ability of a individual to break the bonds of poverty and bring fortune to their family. The progressive plan will put a end to the American Dream. Granted most individuals will toil their lives away and not achieve success. But, imagine if you toiled and knew you never stood a chance of being anything more than at poverty level. There was never any hope of improving your life above what you were at at that moment in time. This is the progressive movement. Where we are all equally poor while the rich shall be in a class all their own again . A level that we as individuals shall never attain.

25 07 2010


Besides the political and societal problems a system of equalized poverty for all, I could never live in an environmet like that. I’m one of those anal people that used to demand that my employees find ways to knock off a few seconds from our manufacturing processes. The moment someone told me it could not be done, that’s when I knew I had them. Almost everyone would do their damndest (sp?) to prove that one naysayer wrong.

If we were to go to a system of equality to be poor, I would pick up a gun and then decide who to shoot, myself or whomever forced the bright idea of Marxism on all.


28 07 2010

Shortly after the election of the Comrade Chairman, I noted that he would probably set race relations in America back 40 years.

I was wrong.

He is going to set them back 100 years.


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