Lindsey Graham Needs To Go

20 07 2010


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., broke with his party to cast the sole GOP “yes” vote on President Obama’s nominee to succeed retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. The vote was 13-6.

“What’s in Elena Kagan’s heart is that of a good person who adopts a philosophy I disagree with,” Graham said. “She will serve this nation honorably, and it would not have been someone I would have chosen, but the person who did choose, President Obama, I think chose wisely.”


Graham is the perfect example of how us Tea-Partiers are looking hard at candidates. We shall dish-out his punishment the very next time his seat is up for grabs. In the meantime, we should shun him like he has the plague. I can totally understand Democrats voting for Kagan, sfter all she is expected to follow Obama’s march towards Marxism, but a Republican supporting her has the feel of treason to it.





3 responses

20 07 2010

Vote this RINO OUT. Shameless…

23 07 2010

I wonder who strong-armed this wimp into voting for her…

28 07 2010

Lindsey Graham voted to put a woman on the SCOTUS that thinks it okay for the federal government to ban books.

He needs to be run off at the point of a pitchfork and made an example of.


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