Another Whopper Lie From Obama

16 07 2010

We told you so!!!

The Congressional Budget Office report out today says Obamacare will cost TEN trillion dollars!




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16 07 2010
Doc's Wife

My mouth just popped open, but am I actually surprised—-NO!!! Maybe now this monstrosity can be repealed, and my husband can continuue the work that he loves.

17 07 2010

another day, another lie. Course he doesn’t care about the costs. His Cloward-Piven strategy doesn’t factor those little details…

November can’t come soon enough!

19 07 2010

Why is it that the rest of the “industrialized” world, Canada included, has universal health care and manage to survive where as we have to pay an arm and a leg apparently to get the same thing? How is it that Canada’s more carefully managed banking systems didn’t suffer the same as ours? Why are patients receiving healthcare benifits from medicare more satisfied with their healthcare than those receiving it from health insurance companies? Why is the government medicare overhead is 7% where as the health insurance industry overhead is 17%? Why is it that a communist country, China, is now the world’s third largest economy and growing by leaps and bounds? These examples seem inconguous with the notion that only under a free market can everyone thrive. I’m not advocating government take over of anything, but it just seems like the American consumer’s is not getting their money’s worth.

19 07 2010

I just spent some time on the CBO website to verify this claim… Could you please put a link to the CBO source of this information rather than to someone else who also makes this claim. Without the CBO source, this is just rumormongering.

28 07 2010

I bet it will ultimately cost even more than $10 Trillion.

I used to think we would never survive a second term with this Kenyan statist from Hell in the White House.

Now I am not certain we will survive the first two years of his first term.


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