Help Me Understand Part II

7 07 2010

Late yesterday I asked for some help (post directly below this one) understanding what the hell Obama is up to. Many of his moves are understandable because he is a committed Marxist, but his move to using NASA to reach out to Muslims had/has me puzzled.

With this post I would like to address some of the responses I got from blog members and look a little deeper into Obama’s end-game. If we can figure out his exact game, then we will know how to play by our rules, and win.

Todays Glenn Beck program on Fox News was a great follow-up to my original question although the NASA directive was never mentioned. The only reason why it even helps to understanding has to do with all the facets that seem to make-up the Obama mind. Beck repeated the video that shows one of the New Black Panthers making a speech at a street demonstration where the Panther member calls for the death of white people (what he calls Crackers) and the killing of white babies.

I’m not so sure I can tie it all together as well as Beck can, but I’m going to take a quick stab at it.

Shortly after I started this blog (8-13-2008) I started to piece together Obama and his past. Most of the work had already had been done, and my conclusions were not far off from others. The hardest part so far has been trying to figure out Obama’s love of Islam, but then I go over a list I put together about 2 months after starting this blog…

  1. Obama’s Father a Communist activist.
  2. Obama’s Mother a Communist symphasizer.
  3. Obama’s Brother(Roy) Luo activist, militant muslim, marxist.
  4. After Obama moved to Hawaii he became friends with Frank Marshall Davis  an avowed member of the Communist Party. Went to rally’s and conventions together all through College.
  5. After moving to Chicago Obama got law degree and represented clients like ACORN.
  6. During this time he also became a community organizer, learning the radical tactics of Alinsky, another Marxist.
  7. Starts attending Church and listens to the preachings of Rev. Wright a racist, anti-american marxist, for 20 years.
  8. Through Rev. Wright, Obama learns the teachings of “Black Liberation Theology”.
  9. Black Liberation Theology invented by James Cone a racist Marxist, who was inspired by Fidel Castro and Che’ Guevarra and their teachings of “Revolution’.
  10.  Obama then kicks off his political career at the home of Bill Ayers an American terrorist, marxist.
  11.  Then Obama becomes the Administrator of a Grant called the ”Chicago Annenberg Challenge”. This is a $150,000,000 million dollar education Grant given to and run by terrorist/marxist William Ayers. This was his view on what the grant money is to be used for…”We can’t have education without revolution. We have tried peace education for 1,900 years and it has failed. Let us try revolution and see what it will do now.” 
  12.  Somewhere in there Obama became a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Which now endorses him for president.

Although Obama spent more time in a supposedly Christian Church listening to the rantings of Rev. Wright (a Black Liberation Theology taught by James Cone and embrassed by Rev. Wright) it does not explain why he leans more to Islam as needing to be saved from us wicked white freedom loving Christians.

After reading everyones ideas from yesterdays post, it occured to me what is going on in his radical pea-brain… Maybe he has calculated that there are NOT enough radical blacks to fight along side of him to turn the USA into a second rate country that rules in the mold of Marxism, so he needs another large and powerful group to take up arms and join his destruction of the USA. Like almost everything else he has done in his life, he has always tried get others to do the dirty work for him. He knows that under the right conditions that it would not take much to get Muslims all worked up and ready to fight in the name of Allah.

Simply put… Islam is a means to an end.





9 responses

7 07 2010

How ironic, the sign on his door says, “Stop the violence, unity now! Peace in our streets”.

Since when aren’t black people free? This is just too whacked out and radical. What about the crimes committed against white people by black people?

With the commie in chief and people like this it’s time all Americans wake up and realize that we will be more divided than ever if this type of hate speech continues.

7 07 2010


What bugs me is how they blame whites for the crimes blacks commit on other blacks. It makes ZERO sense.


7 07 2010

Birds of a feather flock together comes to mind when obama and his cronies are mentioned on any level…
With the doj lawyers coming out and saying any crime a black man commits against a White man will go unpunished says more the enough… Martin Luther King must be rolling over in his grave at this point… Everything he wanted and died for has been ripped out from under this Country in a short amount of time by this administration… The black man of today is all about being a victim, they do not understand if it were not for the White people that stood along side them in their struggle we would not have a black president today…. They did not get where they are today because of themselves they got here with the help from the white man…. Now they get a guy in the white house and want to spit in our faces? are they freaking kidding or what?
They act as tho we all owned slave in our life times never mind the fact that their own country SOLD them….
The black man has more opportunity in this Country then the average white man and if they do not use those opportunities how is that our fault? If they choose to remain victims how is that Americas problem? The American people have given them every chance to become better and yet they want to stay on welfare and have more fatherless babies… Seems they have made a choice and we need to stop worrying about them as a whole… Help the ones that want help and kick the rest to the curb…. Has nothing to do with the color of ones skin but what is under that skin…. There are two types of people that walk this land survivors and victims….

7 07 2010


I have never owned a slave, and none of my ancestors have ever owned any slaves. And I proudly walk around as a survivor.


8 07 2010

The dem.s use the blacks by making it easy for them to live without working for it.I was raised to beleive it was expected for me to be able to support myself when I was an adult.There are some black folk who aren’t living off the public.
They have worked for them selves and susceeded in life.I have never owned a slave and look at a person’s character not his color.In the bible it says ‘teach a child in the way he should go,when he is old he will not depart from it’.That is how I see obummer,he was raised in the muslim faith,with extremist influence
from his parents and their friends.fs

14 07 2010
YOU are an Asshole

YOu are just a hater… find yourself some neo nazi party join because that is the only group of people who would find you remotely interesting…

14 07 2010

You are an IDIOT…the NBPP are calling for the killing of white people. If you approve of this you are the hater. You are the one pulling an Alinsky and using racists tactics. Not buying YOUR hate…

15 07 2010


The asshole obviously didn’t watch the video.


28 07 2010

I bet this asshole couldn’t define NAZI if his government-dependent ass depended on it for his very existence.

How does it feel to be a statist enabler, you stupid myrmidon?


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