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5 07 2010

In this day and age of nothing but bad news, it was with pride I watched John Stossel’s special over the weekend titled… “What’s Great About America”. If you got to see it you already know what I’m talking about, if not, try this link…

While we are on the subject of Fox and Documentaries, send out the word to everyone on your email list and tell them to either watch or TIVO Hannity’s show on Monday night (July 5th) at 9:00 PM est. I forget the title but it is an indepth look at how the Progressive/Liberal movement has almost destroyed America in the last 40 years. THIS IS A MUST WATCH PROGRAM!





2 responses

5 07 2010

Been watching Hannity…it covers the documentary “Generation Zero”. Good stuff on how we got in this economic crisis, the dems & their partnership w/corporations, debt, spending, personal responsibility, etc. Favorite line so far, “Obama is the poster child for debt”!!

6 07 2010

Generation Zero looks like an absolutley fascinating documentary, the teasers they showed and the interview with the men responsible for the film was very good and this will definatly be a film I will buy.

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