Obama’s Illegals Speech

2 07 2010

ILLEGALS.gif image by themannclannObama’s speech yesterday on our illegals problem has been met with disdain. Not so surprising if I were talking about those on the center/right, but this time I’m talking about the left of center. Yep, even his own people are turning on him over the Illegals issue and I for one say… IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME! Finally people from left/right/center are starting to see the games that this pathetic excuse of a president continuously plays. What games you ask, well try this one on… The presidents poll numbers are sinking fast over recent events like the disaster in the Gulf, so what does he do? He makes a major speech on the Illegals issue (I refuse to call it Comprehensive Immigration Reform) to distract his base. However, this time they ain’t falling for it.

Below are just of a few comments I copied from the Huffington Post late last evening. They are there for your reading pleasure. While reading them, please keep in mind that this president has NO intention to sealing off our borders. Instead he wants to give all the illegals that are here, an easy path to citizenship. If you have the unfortunate opportunity to talk to a progressive you know, please remind them of this, and remind them that the speech was only a distraction so he can slide from his responsibility on helping the Gulf recover. STOP THE DAMN LEAK OBAMA!


I hate to keep making negative comments about President Obama
but it seems that every day brings another outrage from this regime.
Again I’m banging my head on my computer desk. Obama, in this speech,
is advocating anarchy and lawlessness. Also, we do not need ANY reforms in immigration law.
The laws aren’t the problem, it the lack of enforcement.

Ususally the president makes a lot of sense, but this time wtf is he talking about when he says these businesses need these illegal aliens.
I mean, we have massive unemployment and now there will be no extention on unemployment benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!
If these companies need employees, then they need to TRAIN OUR UNITED STATES CITIZENS for their precious companies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHERE IN THE HE// DID COMMON SENSE GO???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Obama and Rahm perceived they couldn’t sweep “the largest movement of aliens into a nation in the history of the world” – against the will of the vast majority of citizens – under the carpet until the November elections, they immediately asked the slick, arrogant President of Mexico to front for them to set the narrative for the upcoming lies. I just heard Obama’s tricky, misleading speech on immigration that distorted the difference between legal and illegal aliens, among all other things. What a deceptive person he has always been. From the immediate hand-off of the financial crisis to FED-Goldman insiders to the superficial, wasteful stimulus plan, to the acquiescence of all technical oversight given BP – the latter caused the oil spill – to the criminally negligent reaction to the spill, itself. This is not to mention all the misrepresentations during the two years before the elections. Perhaps the fascistic elites and the professional and political class that hang from their teats, are now the greatest threat, having sucumbed to the ubiquitous neutering of our corporate state. Many appear to have lost their souls or are mentally ill. The Democrats should not run this President in 2012. Not because he won’t win, but because he has no psychological, moral, and intellectual connection to the citizenry and the real world.
We don’t need vision. We need action. There are plenty of immigration laws on the book. It doesn’t take vision to enforce them. It takes action.
Actually, Obama’s speech was boring. Obama should just do his job and secure the border. His finger-pointing and empty speeches are making people tune out in a major way.
Alas poor Barry.

If he had prosecuted war crimes,
Not sucked up to Wall Street and big banks,
Not given the health insurance companies a trillion dollar gift and
Now try to shove 11-18 million illegal aliens down our throat
Maybe, just maybe he’d be getting some support.

But alas, poor Barry chose to be a corporate sell out.




6 responses

2 07 2010

While I do enjoy seeing the heartache of these stoopid libs, they get what they deserve. That’s what we all end up with when you vote for an empty suit.

I certainly hope the repubs & RINOs can stop this amnesty BS that The Traitor will try and shove down our throats like everything else…

2 07 2010


I am TOTALLY AGAINST any talk of immigration reform until we secure the border. This is one of those times in my life I will act like a petulant little child and scream bloody murder until they stop the flow of illegals. Until this happens, Obama, the Republicans, RINO’s, Dems, Martians, you-name-it, can all go to hell!

I for one am tired of having to go through life respectfully observing our laws, while illegals can break our laws and get REWARDED for it. Enough is enough!


3 07 2010

Hear ya on that…have a good Fourth!

3 07 2010

This man dose not deserve a comment.

15 07 2010
D. Tye

There is a clause in the “Immigration Reform Act” that states if any member of a family has legal status, then no member of that family, regardless of status, can be deported!! Consider that 80% of illegals are male, and Obama gives them all Visa’s, they will rapidly bring the rest of their family here. If the average family is only 4, your 12 to 18 million just became 48 to 72 million!!! The stats that I have heard are that an illegal woman with 2 children cost us $34,600 a year at present. If you take 80%, (illegal males), of the smallest amount and multiply it by their added families, the number quickly moves into the trillion dollar range!!!! Can we afford that?? The supporters claim they will become taxpayers which will drive their costs down. Not true!!! Most all of them will be minimum wage earners with a family of 4, which means they will pay no taxes. They will also be illegible for “Earned Income Credit”, which means we the taxpayers will actually be handing each family, 4 to 6 thousand dollars a year from the collected taxes for their “Credit”!!!!

Can someone explain to me how a bunch of supposedly intelligent politicians are unable to grasp the fact that these expenses are unsustainable to America??? Are they just moving forward with blinders on, just thinking about the voter base they will gain???

If we the people don’t act and do it quickly, this country as we know it, is doomed!!!!!

15 07 2010

D. Tye,

We may already be doomed. Hell, I heard today that now some Gay rights group wants the same rights if they marry someone of the same sex that is an American. They claim their Gay lover should be allowed to stay because of their spouses American citizenship. Ohhhhh, my head hurts!

If the GOP screws this one up, then thsy are over as a party. We know where the Dems stand on the illegals issue, so for now we only have the Republican party to count on. If they don’t demand a secure border first, and I mean really secure as in locked down tight, then the Repubs can go to hell!

This is an invasion on our country and it CANNOT STAND!


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