America Has A Fever

30 06 2010

The wife and I just returned from a short 5 day road trip, and I would like to share some of the things that caught our attention.

Since my accident back in March, life, for my wife and family, has centered around my rehabilitation. And I will be the first to admit that re-hab can get pretty darned boring, so a road trip seemed to be in order. Normally we would have found another way to travel, especially with only 5 days set-aside for our trip, but it made the most sense when we considered I still have some physical restrictions and am still slightly handicapped. As it turned out, traveling by auto was just the ticket. Without the many opportunities to observe and interact with fellow Americans, this report would be BORING. Ok, let’s get started.

As soon as I got out of the hospital, my family Doctor hooked me up with a Handicapped Parking permission slip to take to the Dept of Motor Vehicles. With that plastic blue and white Handicap door hanger (rear-view mirror hanger) I was suddenly able to get some of the best parking spots around.  I have to admit that more than once I had a feeling of guilt when pulling out that sticker that gave me permission to use one of these great parking spots. As banged-up as I was, I know there are other people out there that have more debilitating problems than me and I prefer they use the spots over me. But there were days that I was glad to take advantage of the Handicapped parking spots. Not only did it make my life a bit easier, I also learned an awful lot about the world of the handicapped.

For starters, people in general are rude as hell to the handicapped. It starts in the parking lots. Nothing burns my chaps more than to see a car parked in a handicap spot with no handicap license plate or hanger. And more times than not, the person driving the vehicle is a young and VERY healthy inconsiderate jerk that simply was too damn lazy to walk from further out in the parking lot. Then the handicapped have to go into the store and do their shopping or take care of their personal business. Most stores now offer a few motorized wheel chairs for the handicapped so they don’t have to lug around their own chair. In my first couple of weeks of being home, I had the opportunity to use these motorized chairs more than once. I found that most people ignore you and pretend as if you don’t exist. Getting cut off while shopping is one thing, but when people cut you off as you get in line to check-out, then I got vocal. I could go on about these experiences, but this post is about my recent trip. So yes, we experienced many non-handicapped autos parking in the handicapped spots on our trip, but since I have given up using the motorized chairs, this problem did not come up. Bottom line… We as Americans are RUDE AS HELL TO THE HANDICAPPED, and we need STOP!

One of the things that drives my wife crazy is my ability to walk up to a complete stranger and strike-up a conversation. It would be fair to say that she went crazy quite a bit on this trip. I talked to everyone! Most conversations started out very cordial, with subject matter being very benign. Without missing a beat, I would almost always turn the conversation towards politics, and this is when things got interesting.

Although I found most people very civil (except to the handicapped), I got the impression that Americans have a fever. The reasons given for their dis-comfort always had to do with our government. People seem to think that America is very sick, with a dangerously high fever, and on the verge of collapse or meltdown. I tend to agree.

There were the few that stuck to the notion that Obama was gonna save us all. When I would point out that Obama is one of the carriers of this very contagious fever, these few people would get angry and end the conversation. Many people (thank God) have been following the stuff that Glenn Beck puts on his five o’clock show on Fox News. Some blame Glenn for the fever because he has the audacity to tell the truth and tackle issues that the mainstream media refuse to cover. To those in this catagory, I would simply say “don’t blame the messenger”. More times than not, I would get an approving nod. It’s as if these people knew in their hearts that Beck is not to blame, but they repeat what they hear from the MSM.

By far, the largest group I spoke to would fall under one particular catagory. I call them the… “I hate all politicians including up to the president”. Yep, most people I spoke to blame our sickness on Obama, and once again I find it hard to argue with this group. Most of you already know the ever increasing list of Obama blunders, so I won’t go over that beaten dead horse. I will however point out that we saw this fever coming from far-far away. Here’s an example…

One of the very first links I put on this blog almost 2 years ago was… The 45 Communist Goals for America . If you took the time to read this link, then you know that the recent charges of Russian spies living in our midst are not so surprising. The ultimate Communist goal is to bring down the USA. And unfortunately, they have an American president that seems to want the same thing.

With information like the above readily available to almost all Americans, I can see how the upcoming November elections could potentially doom the Democrat party, and cause more feverish deaths in the progressive camps.

If this is the end result of this fever, then I think this patient (the USA) can be saved. If not, then no more road trips for me.

As Doc’s Wife recently pointed out “we must stay vigilant”, can also mean to keep an eye on the countries temperature so we don’t get sick and die.





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30 06 2010
Doc's Wife

Glad that you are well enough to travel! We love taking road trips, and we do it often since the kids are grown. I am finding that people everywhere are talking about what is happening to our country. It is amazing to us that many, many of our patients continue to talk w/ my husband when they are in the exam room about the situation our country is in. Granted, hubby will talk to a post, but usually he is not political with patients. It’s like they need to get off their chest what is causing such stress to them. I keep praying for November!!!!

30 06 2010

Good to hear you were able to get a road trip in…hope the rehab is progressing well.

I’m stuck in lib land here in WA ST…all my con friends are very concerned of course. Then you’ve got the silly libs who are still stuck on stoopid. We just had tax increases on bottled water, candy, cigs, beer and B&O tax. My libs friends are OK w/paying these tax increases cuz it “helps the poor and needy”. One business owner doesn’t mind the increase in B&O tax cuz “what else are you going to do”. There are ramblings though of discontent w/Senator Patty Murray up for re-election this Nov. I pray to God these stoopid fools wake up and vote her out!!!

1 07 2010

Hang in there! I hope you’re on the mend!

1 07 2010

Glad you had great road trip! I agree with you on the fever currently gripping our country, everyone almost without exception that I come into contact with on a day to day basis sees what is happening and is sick of it. What makes this even more interesting to me (and its disclosure time) I do work for big oil and as a result am a member of the USW. This does make for some interesting “discussions” with the few exceptions I know, most have gotten quieter in the last few months but amazingly they still cling to the fantasy and refuse to see the reality that iscrashing down amoung us.

1 07 2010

Good to hear you’re getting out and about Gio. That must do a lot for your spirits. I don’t image you’re doing much around the barn, and boredom would seem to be a reality. A road trip -and meeting new and interesting people- can surely help with that.

I assume that in 5 days you didn’t make it all the way to the Gulf Coast and back, but if you did, you might have seen this example of government efficiency at work. I call this: RedTapeCleanup.

1 07 2010

Actually, America is eaten up with cancer.

It’s called socialism.

The only cure is two massive, successive doses of radiation, the first of which must be administered in November.

If not, the patient is going to die before the next scheduled treatment, which isn’t available until November of 2012.


9 07 2010

Hola Gio!

From one road-tripper to another….you just have to roll with it.

We were in Honduras on 4th of July….and drove by an “American Independence Day Celebration”! Of all the crazy things…as much as we despise Obama and his commie regime, never forget that there are many, many people in this world who admire us, and wish to be more like us (or like we were)… we went through a little town in Guatemala called “Democracia”.

We have to push back this red tide in power now, and we’ll get it done. As for Obama…he’s an abberation and will soon be out of office. Guess I have my “glass half full” t-shirt on today….but we “escaped” from Guatemala (check my blog later, LOL).

Be well, my friend!

~ Blonde Gator

9 07 2010


I’m starting to believe that Obama is a one-termer, so now what worries me is the legacy he leaves behind. Whatever he is up to must be crushed so his followers don’t get some wild ideas.

As much as you have enjoyed your adventure so far, just wait until you go home. The feeling you experience coming home is unforgetable, so be safe and come home in one piece.


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