What Worries You?

24 06 2010

Please tell us what problem we face as a country, worries you the most.




9 responses

24 06 2010

My first choice was the economy…but I could have voted for so many more! Unemployment is still way too high, I’m on second year w/no raise, and still worry weekly about keeping my job.

Wonder what is first on The Traitor’s list…

24 06 2010
Doc's Wife

I tried to vote for ALL and was unable to do so. This country is such a mess!!! Then I decided to vote for protecting the Constitution–if that goes away, the others won’t matter. Of course, as usual, health care is front and center for us still. We have to buy a new EKG machine this week, and I wonder if tax will be added to the cost. Hubby is looking into buying a private island off the coast of Nova Scotia still, but he is just dreaming.

24 06 2010

Greece has some for sale. I’ll bet you could grab one up pretty cheap!

24 06 2010
Doc's Wife

I can be “Mama Mia” if we did that!

24 06 2010

There wasn’t a dout in my mind when I looked and found you couldn’t check them all.I am old and don”t mind meeting my maker but I have kids and grandkids,greatgrandkis also.But I will not give up until the fight is over,at least for me.

24 06 2010

I went “economy” on this one.

The military is capable of handling Afghanistan, even with Barry in charge. We’ll get back around to health care- anyone going to Congress in January will surely know they’re a one-term’r without addressing that debacle. We will get hit again on the terrorism front- one of these attempts will work. But we do have very dedicated people working very hard to thwart that, in spite of Barry and Eric Holder. Not much we can do about the spill -Salazar’s got it all screwed up but BP will eventually get it capped and this administration will not survive the images during the 2012 election cycle. Jobs won’t come around until Barry’s gone, and unlike other recoveries, this one (ha) has omitted them from the equation. I think our Constitution is strong enough to survive a one-term socialist. Mush of the agenda will be challenged in court and until one of our 5 decides to call it quits, we’ve still got the numbers. Iran is a lost cause -Barry’s seen to that. They’ll be nuclear next year and we’ll need to be on the defensive from then on.

So for me, it’s the economy. If the GOP makes enough of a statement in November, they’ll be able to trade Congressional Inquiries for growth initiatives. That’s what we’ve got to hope for as I see it.

25 06 2010

I went with protecting our Constitution. However, I really meant RESTORING our Constitution. If we could only do that, we’d have all of the other problems well under control.

30 06 2010

To All,

I missed the boat on this one. As obvious it may seem, it never occured to me to put a selection for “All of the above”. Lesson learned!


1 07 2010

What worries me is that 18 months into the screw, 45% of the dumbMasses still approve of the job the Comrade Chairman is doing.

And we still have 30 months left.


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