Weekend Open Thread

18 06 2010

Everyone knows the drill. Talk about any subject that comes to mind and have fun with it.

One possible subject starter, do you think the far-left progressives fear the Tea-Party folks? And why.





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18 06 2010

Yup, their hyperbole and misinformation just reeks of desparation (MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, AP, et al) Matthews suggesting Tea Partiers aren’t like Reagan, CNN claiming Tea Partiers are anti-govt, Newsweek claiming Tea Parties are irrelevant, etc. etc. When they can’t stand to see Tea Party candidates getting on the ballot for this November, just slam them or heck, make stuff up cuz that’ real journalism for ya!

19 06 2010


I agree 100%.

They mock what they are afraid of. Remember how they tried to downplay Tea-Partiers when we were just getting started? Well that was my first hint that they feared an uprising coming from the right, instead of the left. And I think they are a little pissed-off that we stole their thunder right out from under them. They just won the White House and thought they won the war. Now they understand that they simply won a battle, but the war is about to be won by their sworn enemy, and they cannot stand the thought.

Not only am I happy because we are winning, which helps save our country, but it puts a big smile on my face knowing the left is crying and pouting because they are losing… AGAIN!


19 06 2010
Doc's Wife

Gio–never underestimate these crooks now running the country! They use Chicago-style thuggery like we’ve never seen before. They already have ACORN meeting and planning on how to cheat and win elections again. We MUST remain vigilant!

19 06 2010

The race card didnt stick, the Nazi labels didnt hold water, the crazy fringe definitions didnt deter people. They will continue to marginalize and under-report the effectiveness and like minded cohesion of a localized grass roots upswelling on a nation scale.
Think about that. No national leader or platform….local groups coming together on common cause—ALL OVER THE NATION! This is a TRUE grass roots movement, of the kind that libs have been faking for years, no paid attendee’s or bussed in fillers. Amazing, so yes, the libs are scared, and they should be, I definatly smell a different kind of change in the wind than they imagined.

20 06 2010
21 06 2010

Good one, as usual BK!

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