Obama Speech Tanks For Liberals

16 06 2010

I have a habit of going to liberal blogs on the internet and trying to talk some common sense into them. Although I’m not very succesful in changing any minds, it sure is fun, plus it’s a good way of seeing what they are up-to, especially the progressive/marxist Libs, the hardcore Obama lovers. Well, last night I spent time reading what they had to say about “their man”, and if the comments below are a leading indicator, then I have to say that Obama is in deep trouble with his base.

Below you will find comments from 3 different people that post daily at the Huffington Post. All 3 are huge Obama supporters. If these are the kinds of people that vote for Obama, then it’s no wonder he got elected. Pray hard for our country!


“Mr.President, its time for the Chief of staff to go! this is the onlyoption to save your Presidency!
I urge you to do it by 5p on Friday! Shake up the political world andnews cycle! give them something to talk about on Sunday other than thisspeech! Your staff tied you to the BP Blimp! and that is not a goodthing. The oil leak cannot be stopped NOW! BP knows it, they justhaven’t told you yet! they will not tell you tomorrow , Six months fromnow you will see for yourself. do not WAIT!”
“Prayer?He really said that?Well, for one, that’s insulting. And I voted for the man. Prayer iswhat people do as a last resort ~ when they realize they have nocontrol of a situation, and no plan to gain future control.We don’t need another President to suggest prayer as a way to help usin a time of crisis. We are not a theocracy. Please don’t offer that upagain.”

If “God” can supposedly help us, then where was this God when ithappened? Where was he/she to stop it in the first place?Asking for an invisible deity to fix the problems caused by man is notonly insulting, but it’s a cop out.




3 responses

16 06 2010

ha, don’t these libs realize he was speaking to his Muslim God? Well, I didn’t take anything (was there even a serious plan in mentioned?) too seriously as his whole speech sounded as scripted and fake as he is…

16 06 2010

I can not stand the sound of his voice.

16 06 2010
K Williams

Inspiring words Gio.

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