17,000 National Guard To Gulf

16 06 2010

Last night our incompetent president tried to convince America that he was on a strong war footing in the battle against the Oil spill in the Gulf. In my opinion, he failed miserably!

There is one area of his speech that caught my attention, but I didn’t hear any pundits last night, or this morning, talk about. I’m talking about the 17,000 National Guard he said he is sending to the Gulf to help with the clean-up efforts. Not only did this idea shock me, I’m also a little shocked that nobody has picked-up on this comment, yet.

Obama has said repeatedly that BP will pay for every aspect of this accident, yet by sending 17,000 National Guard to the Gulf he almost guarantees that the tax payer will be on the hook for whatever costs they incur. Yep, that means you and I will pay for 17,000 National Guard to pick up turd-balls of oil off of beaches. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem paying any National Guard for any job they do, but once again the president has missed the mark. Shocking right?

Here’s what a real leader would do as it pertains to the 17,000… Meet face-to-face with all BP executives on the very first week of this disaster. Then demand they start hiring, by the thousands, people to be prepared to help with any clean-up needed on the beaches and in the marshes. Part of the demand for hiring would be that they hire people that are presently getting extended unemployment benefits. Get those people back to work. Secondly, if I want to use that many National Guard, I would use them for something they could do much better than picking up oil turds. I would send 17,000 fully armed National Guard to patrol and guard our Southern border.

As a tax-payer, I cannot see anyone objecting to pay the National Guard to protect the United States from invasion, so put them where they are needed. But make damn sure they are armed and ready to defend our land down to the last grain of sand.

So there it is folks, my take-away from last nights speech.

1. Send 17,000 National Guard to guard and protect the Southern border.

2. Make BP hire 17,000 out of work citizens that are on extended unemployment benefits.

Simple right? So simple that even the president should have thought of it!





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16 06 2010
Doc's Wife

I agree completely–send the Guard to the border!! That said, people in the Gulf areas are complaining about the hiring and shipping down of criminals, child molesters, rapists,and persons w/ outstanding warrants. According to family, most are coming from Michigan and Illinois. They are being paid eighteen dollars an hout to work only in 30-minute increments. Supervisors start at thirty-six dollars an hour. My husband says that is more than he gets paid or a Medicaid visit! My idea is to use prisoners free-of-charge. Bring them in on chain gangs from LA prisons and Parchman in MS. Oh, I forgot, that might be against their civil rights. Someone ask me about Ray Mabus–I can give you an earful!!

16 06 2010


It sounds as if BP is being forced to hire Union people, so they may get the same caliber of people if they use prisoners. Surely there must be 17,000 people that live along the gulf that are out of work?!

Ok DW, I’ll bite, what is it about Ray Mabus that has you so fired-up?


16 06 2010
Doc's Wife

Ray Mabus, former governor of my home state of Mississippi, has just been appointed by BO to serve as czar, or whatever, to oversee the rebuilding of the Gulf coast region. He had previously been Secretary of the Navy For some unknown reason. Now it seems that his job may have been offered to Sestak. He was a HORRIBLE one-term governor of MS, and nobody there can stand him. I know a little about his true colors because I grew up and went through school with his ex-wife, Julie. He is a closet gay (just like Barry) who married and had two adorable daughters just to look good as governor. The marriage soured for obvious reasons. There has been a HUGE custody battle that lasted for years. Now, I believe, the daughters are old enough to make a decision. To show his true character, he was in cahoots with the minister counseling Julie, and they secretly taped the sessions to use against her. This is the kind of person BO chose to restore the Gulf!!!!

16 06 2010


Why am I NOT shocked. After you mentioned his name earlier today, I Googled his name and read what Wiki had on him. According to his bio on wiki, he’s the best thing to come along since sliced bread. Whenever there is such a glowing bio on wiki you can almost guarantee that the person is actually the best thing to come along since DOG POOH!


P.S. I also found it interesting that the oil execs were at the white house today for a 4 hour meeting, but Obama only stayed for 45 minutes. He probably had a golfing lesson today. Jerk!

17 06 2010
Doc's Wife

Gio–after Barry spent 45 minutes with BP he went to have lunch with Biden for an hour and a half. Heard that he had several hours to spend with Scott Brown playing basketball to sway him towards Cap & Tax. I truly feel this whole thing in the Gulf is about passing this. Fox this AM reporting that just 2 days prior to the explosion, BP and the White House were scheduled to announce joining together to promote Cap & Trade. Is it just me or does this smell very FISHY?????

17 06 2010


Very fishy! If we ever find out that there was some sort of planned sabotage to the BP rig, then God help our government.


17 06 2010
Doc's Wife

This explosion may well have been planned, but the severity of it was worse than they expected. Lots of people stand to profit from this—namely SOROS!

16 06 2010

A lot like fox news you lot claim to be fair and balanced using “common sense” but really you are just as biased as the left wing nuts you choose to argue with. I do wonder why Obama hasn’t sent these 17,000 national guard to the gulf, or anyone besides people in the Pentagon: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/georgianne-nienaber/defense-mobilizes-louisia_b_559499.html
The reason why they are using the national guard and not the unemployed or criminal chain gangs, is because they are needed now. Training people how to do specific jobs for oil spill clean up is not the problem, it’s the time it would take to mobilize rag tag citizens that is the crucial factor. BP has no infrastructure at the moment to mobilize 17,000 people unless they kidnapped whole towns using mercenaries. Chain gangs in waist high water…

And another thing, you deride Obama for using 17,000 national guard to counter the worst oil spill in americas history, which I’m guessing, (assuming they do seal the leaks at some point) a deployment of 1-12 months; but then you want these 17,000 national guard to be moved to texas to counter a “invasion”. Exactly how long would that deployment be? Wouldn’t it be better to find other means rather than wasting the countries strength that could be used (and will need to be used for future developments and disasters)

I don’t think it’s Obama’s job to have a temper tantrum, as the Commander in Chief he needs to be in control, people in the media seem to be so focused on this they forget about the wider picture.

While I’m on a role, what is the deal with Sarah Palin being compared to Obama? They are on a different playing field, no ball game altogether. She’s been very quiet these last few monthes… “Drill Baby drill”

I’ve been reading H.S.T.’s collected articles which include those written about Richard Nixon and the Watergate hearings. Hunter may not be the most credible source, but the insight he provides, biased declared and all was alarming. Richard Nixon was a “political animal” (The fact that he was the republican candidate is unmentioned in some history books, but he was a freak) and all he wanted, the ultimate prize for him was to win the race for the presidency. Everything he said and did was to win, when he became president he didn’t have any direction other than the consolidation of power (compared to other presidents I suppose)

Beneath the jokes, beneath the “she’s the best thing to ever happen to democrats” opinion is the underlying belief she is a political animal. How else could someone quit their job as governor and then spin it as a self less act.
Or sling mud at Obama for fluffy rhetoric or being two faced and then give speeches where she not only preys on peoples fears (death panels, how much did they pay you to muddle the debate?) but boosting peoples sense of self with illogical, conflicting statements like small towns being the “Real America” the small towns, good honest american values- insert reference to her own family/origins/things shes hunt. Her short, unproductive, shady or suss at the least term as governor gives her the right some how to deride Obama as inexperienced?

Sarah Palin is a political animal. If she ever got into the white house, she’d surround herself with people who make her feel comfortable (like Richard Nixon did) Do not be fooled by her show of what a woman can achieve, she is all about projecting the illusion that a “hockey mom” would be a different type of president, that all the men have their own take and she would some how be different- in a good way, (the tv series Commander in chief) but the truth is she would be a crippling blow to women in politics. President of the united states is a job, the most stressful job in the world, don’t forget that.

Am I being sexist? I don’t think so, maybe I cannot articulate exactly what I mean but the main point of what I’m saying is, get someone else.

Why don’t you stop picking on some teenager posting one sentence long comments in some left wing forum and saying things to disturb the hornets nest all the time with a smug smile that somehow fighting some outraged person in some random forum is productive. Thats about your ego, not coming to a conclusion or a solution.

Do you find anything at fault with the eight years of G. J. Bushes administration? Anything? Glenn Beck or Bill O Reily? Ann Colter? Now thats someone we should be able to agree is bonkers. How about the left is there any blatantly biased in the media (like Keith Olberman) You know what check out liberalviewer channel on youtube, thats really interesting- and yes the name looks biased, but this guy is good, he’s not blind to left wing or democrat mistakes/issues and the like.

Opening it up for discussion I suppose, I’ve stated my sources (or grouped terms together for an easy google search)

Do you think George Bush would have handled the oil spill better?
Do you think Obama would have responded to Katrina better?


17 06 2010


Let’s start at the top.

By now, there could have been busloads of unemployed people arriving daily to help with the clean-up. Hell, they have had 60 days now to set this up, I could have had this in place in about 3 weeks, and that’s stretching it.

Your link proves nothing.

I want 17,000 National Guard on our southern border RIGHT NOW and I want them to stay a year. Then rotated out with a fresh 17,000!

Temper tantrums are about all Obama has in his bag of tricks. He is waaaaay out of his league.

Something tells me that Sarah would have had taken swift and decisive action in the very first week of this disaster. You don’t like her, so what?

The comment you made about me arguing with others at left-wing sites is the encouragement I needed to continue my visits in enemy territory. Thanks!

The Bushes had their moments, but I prefer either of them over Obama. Rush, Glenn, and Ann, are some of my very favorite people. Have you sent Rush a wedding gift yet?

George Bush would have handled the oil spill in his sleep, compared to Obama!

Obama would have screwed-up Katrina big time. The oil spill is a prime example of what he can do in an emergency… go golfing!


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