Obama’s Secret Transcript

14 06 2010

Below is a copy of the prepared speech that Obama will be making on Tuesday night from the Oval office. Don’t ask where I got it from.

To all my fellow Americans, I wish I come before you tonight with some better news, but once again George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have screwed us. I of course am talking about the disaster in the Gulf. This travesty never would have happened if George W. Bush had been illegally elected to two terms to office.

After talking to many of the best minds in the psychiatric field, there seems to be a consensus that the ravages of heavy Cocaine use by George W. Bush in his younger days caused him to act irresponsibly in the Gulf.  That and Bush’s constant praying to his God has led us to the worst disaster known to Mother Earth.

So this then leads us to ask “ok, Bush really screwed us so now what do we do?”. The answer is obvious to everyone that voted for me because you are almost as smart as I am. We load up bus loads of people from SEIU and have them go to the Bush’s house in TX. There they will gather up George, Laura, the twins, and any SS agents still stupid enough to guard the Bush’s and drag them kicking and screaming to the Gulf area in Louisiana. Once there, they will be forced to skim oil off the top of the water with a McDonalds drink straw. This will be their punishment for allowing this disaster for happening in the first place.

Other than that, your “cool and hip” president is working 26 hours a day on the problem on his golf swing, scuse me, I mean oil spill.


Your Presidente For Life “Part man part God”… Barack H. Obama




One response

15 06 2010

Yeah will not be listening to his BS tmrw nite…he WILL blame previous admin, speak of more legislation and litigation then, I’m sure, be back hitting balls. Community Organizer fails at leadership…

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