Not The Expected Revolution

11 06 2010

A lot of supposedly smart academic types tend to side with the far radical left here in the USA and around the world, which makes me wonder aloud… “why are they considered smart?”. Seriously, why do these highly educated types glom onto revolutionary thought when you consider that most revolutions are terrible monumental flops? What is it about failed ideas that they find so appealing? Is it because they feel that in a revolution they will be noticed and possibly revered for being smart? Don’t they know that some revolutions started and/or ended with millions of “smart” people, and their families, being slaughtered? Whether they do know, or not, you end up coming to the conclusion that these people just ain’t as smart as they think they are! I like to call them intellectual dummies.

With that out of the way, let me go on to the real reason for this post…

Many on the far left thought that the election of Obama as our president would bring about an historical-game changing-revolution to the USA, and they were right… sort of.  Even leading up to the general election, the far left thought they would finally get their Progressive/Marxist mitts on the keys to the country, but they were so busy counting all the people they would throw in political internment camps for re-education, they ignored the anti-revolution they was going on all across the country.

If you wanna Revolution, then I give you the Tea-Party. Yep, the left tried to laugh-off the Tea-Party movement, but they were too late. Thank God. And I really mean “Thank God”. You see, I’m one of those crazy right-wing radicals that believes that the United States of America was born by and of the wishes of God.  Seeing how the Tea-Party movement has developed from a small handful of seeds cast to the wind, one can only conclude that God has intervened again. And for those of you that don’t beleive in God, that’s fine. That’s the beauty of this country, we have room for people of every belief, unless of course your belief involves subjugating and killing innocent people. Anotherwords, if you don’t try to force me to think like you, I won’t force you to think like me.  And that my dear friends is where the Tea-Party Revolution comes in. The Tea-Party doesn’t have one central power structure, it is born of the interests of “The People” as spelled-out in our Constitution. The Tea-Party has many different groups, with different names, that gather under different banners, but always flying the flag of the proud and the once great United States of America. The one goal of all that call themselves Tea-Partiers is to go back to our founders original intent and run away from the progressive/marxist wishes of the far-left.

Because we Tea-Partiers are the Anti-Revolution, it means that we will have to stand together against the tyranny and chaos that the left is trying to bring to us. We must be strong. We must be resolute. We must be brave. And although I do not support any violent actions to win our fight, this does NOT mean that I’m suggesting we cower in fear if violence is brought to us. If we are physically attacked during our peaceful gatherings, we must defend our families, each other, and ourselves. And we must defend ourselves with gusto. If we are struck once, we must strike back twice. The bastards on the left must lose this struggle, because them winning is unthinkable and un-American.

If the radical left wants a Revolution, I say we show them one. But ours will always be known as the ANTI-REVOLUTION.





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11 06 2010

Tea Partiers unite! Just witness what happened this past week w/three of Sara Palin’s picks winning the primaries. Ha, and the left thought she (and the Tea Partiers) would amount to nothing…

12 06 2010


You said, “We must be strong. We must be resolute. We must be brave.”

This resonated with me. After the death of Moses God commissioned Joshua to take the land of Canaan. Three times He told him to “be strong and of good courage.” (Joshua 1:6, 7, 9) He also said “for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

God hasn’t forsaken us. But He requires us to get back on track. I think the Teapartiers are making a good start. But we need to pray without ceasing.

God bless


12 06 2010


Excellent advice!


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