Power Is The Problem

8 06 2010

Like many of you, I’m watching what happens tonight with the voting going on across the country. Not only have I had FOX News on the tube, but I have been checking updates on the net.

Not long ago, the NYT’s had an update come across my homepage that really caught my eye. In fact, the headline they had for their story made me shake my head in disgust. Let me give you the headline, then I will explain my consternation… “Across Nation, Struggles to Gain Power, or to Keep It”.

At first blush it doesn’t seem disturbing until you focus-in on the word “Power”. Either the NYT’s looks at our elections as exercises in power, or they are simply conveying how our politicians look at what it is they do. They may be correct on both thoughts, but you and I know that it was never intended to be that way. All elected officials are supposed to work for the people, and the press (the NYT’s) are supposed to be the voice of the people, yet very seldom is this the case.

I’m not sure if we can fix this problem in the next couple of generations, but it would sure be nice if we could get our country headed back in the original intent direction for our kids and grandkids. Then we have to leave it up to them.

Remind your kids… It’s NOT about power, it’s about service to your country!





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9 06 2010
Doc's Wife

Hope this day finds you doing better, Gio. We watched election returns until late last night. America is waking up. I am thrilled to see Republican women taking charge for a change! Also, while I do not care for Blanche Lincoln and believe that she will lose in the general election, it was great that Big Labor and George Soro’s candidate lost. I pray that our country is getting back on the right track, but it cannot come quickly enough.

9 06 2010


Either I’m learning to deal with the pain or my arm is slightly better, so yes, I am feeling better.

After I wrote this brief post last night I went to one of my favorite haunts and had some lovely arguments with the enemy. They all assured me that the two Palin picks had stolen their elections and Lincoln was about to get trounced by their progressive guy. None of which happened. Considering the left took a beating yesterday, which should be a prelude to the massacre coming in November, I now worry about the radical left going hyper-radical.

I’m not going to predict what they may try to pull, but it may be a good idea if we all say a prayer for only good things to happen up to election day, and as always… buy more ammo!


9 06 2010
Doc's Wife

Gio–you sound just like my husband. We have plenty–the only thing we have shot was a timber rattler.

9 06 2010

Well, the NYT can spin it as “power” yet the people clearly went the other way w/TEA party candidates. So glad that strong conservative women get the ticket…I can see November from my house!

9 06 2010

New Obama campaign poster.

Oh- guess what Gio? Ryan’s enlisting. Just awaiting a medical clearance for an old shoulder arthroscopy, but he should be in Parris Island around the first of the year.

10 06 2010


WOW! That is some very good news. You must be tickled to death to see him taking such a positive move, especially considering what he has gone through.

You made my day with this news!


P.S. Two major thumbs-up on the poster. This one needs to be spread around to be used for Nov.

10 06 2010

It’s really good to see you back.Ihope things go better.

11 06 2010

GIO!!!!! Dude I thought you was taking it easy, I’ve read on Eowyn’s site what happened and thought you would be down for a bit, I did not know you was still posting! Lord knows it’s good to have you back!!!

11 06 2010


Good to hear from an old friend. I hope all is well with you.

Actually… I was considering giving up posting this blog, and simply do battle with the enemy on their own turf, but many wrote back saying that I should stay active here, soooooo…… here I am. It may be what I’m supposed to do, I’m still trying to figure it out. There is some reason that God kept me around and brought me back from certain death, so maybe this is it. Time will tell.

I don’t post anywhere near as often as I used to, but do check in from time to time. I like hearing from my cyber buddies.

Talk soon!


11 06 2010

Gio it was just pure luck that I found out that you was still posting. As a matter of fact I received an email that someone replied to the “Kill Rush Limbaugh” thread (God I still can’t believe it’s still going!) I went to check it out and Wham! new posts from you. Glad to see you and now that you are okay I can tell you that I actually checked the obit in almost every NC paper in your area after you dropped off hoping your name would NOT show up (not morbid just worried usually when folks drop off for no reason bad things is mostly the reason, your case in point.)

Take care man I will be making my usual rounds once more.

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