Important Gio Update

4 06 2010

First of all I want to thank all of you that have kept me in your prayers. Knowing that so many outside of my family care about my well-being is quite a humbling experience. 

I wish I had better news to pass-on this morning concerning my re-hab, but things have not gone to plans. Two days ago I had to endure something called a manipulation. Let me explain… my right shoulder had locked-up and no matter how hard we worked at Physical Therapy we could not get the scar tissue to tear loose. If left alone, I would go through life with very limited mobility in that arm so something had to be done. Manipulation is a process whereby you are knocked-out cold so the Doctor can pull at your arm in assorted un-natural positions until he feels and hears scar tissues tear apart. Then it’s up to the patient to work that arm/shoulder as hard and as often as possible so the scar tissue does not reform. Trust me, this is NOT a procedure you want to do more than once. There is not enough pain medicine on earth to alleviate the pain!!!

Most of you have noticed that I have not been very active on the blog since I came home, but I do have a good excuse (see above). My active re-hab has allowed me an extraordinary amount of time to think about the future of this blog and how it can relate to our countries future. I am about to tell you how I would like to proceed, but I really want to hear from all of you.

Ok, let me get started… Although I do enjoy writing opinion pieces and discussing those opinions with others that are like-minded, I’m seriously questioning if I’m having any positive effect. Other than an occasional drive-by progressive/marxist that reads our comments, we are mostly speaking to the choir. My friends here are like-minded in almost all areas that conservatives normally agree on, so we are not changing anyones way of looking at problems. It’s NOT us that needs to be convinced, it’s those on the other side that need the education. With that in mind, I propose that it would be more productive for us to go to the enemy and change their way of thinking. I know this is not a new idea, but I’m convinced that the time has come to embrace this idea. Hell, they have a 50 year head-start on us, it’s time for us to get into high gear and turn this ship around before the progressive/marxist machine runs us aground and sink us.

This blog can be used as an info sharing depository. Some of us have a lot of experience trying to talk with progressive/marxists on other blogs, so we can help the newbie get through the mine-field you can run into on those other sites.

Anyway, I really want to hear all of your opinions so please don’t be shy.




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4 06 2010

Man Gio, that does sound painful. Hope they were able to make progress and that the end result will be worth the pain. Take care!

As for your idea, I’m going to think about. On the surface it sounds like a good idea but then again, maybe like talking to a wall. Those progressives are hell bent on their socialists agenda. I’ve posted on one other progressive blog and lasted for about two weeks. They are MEAN spirited individuals and not interested in any facts. At least that was my experience…

4 06 2010


You are exactly dead-on accurate when you say it’s like talking to a wall, but if you know how to play the game you can win. Take a blog like the huffington post. They have a huge readership, but only their bravest post comments on a regular basis. There are many more that only read the comments without ever leaving a comment. Those are the ones that you can affect, so keep that in mind if and when you go into battle. Plus there are a few tricks I can pass-on to everyone that can keep you one step ahead of the jerks that you will run into.

I think the effort is worth it because we have truth on our side, and we have the best intentions for our country. Something that can NOT be honestly said about the left. Let me know if you ever want some tips on how NOT to get booted by a site like the huffpo, or if you do get booted, how to get back on within minutes.


5 06 2010
K Williams

LIke minded men and women seek out blogs such as yours in able to find opinion and news that can educate them and enable them to make a stronger and more educated voice when confronted with differing opinions. In other words most who come here may be the choir but, the choir then goes out and sings the song to their friends and their relatives and the people that they meet. Eventually what started out as your one solitary voice grows and expands like a echo in a canyon. I personally have seen many of my democratic friends begin to not only express doubt in my area but, I have actually heard some of them say they were done with the democratic party and what it has become. One tree at a time the forest can be regrown to what it was supposed to be and not the weed ridden place it is now. But, without dedicated people such as yourself that can never come to pass my friend.
The battle that lies before us is a battle of not right vs left. It is a battle of darkness vs light. Without men and women to hold the torches during the darkest hours for people to find the their way. Mankind will surely become lost in the darkness that currently surrounds us.

7 06 2010


Thank you so much for the words of encouragement.

With words like yours, and from the others, it looks as if my path has been chosen for me.


5 06 2010
Doc's Wife

Gio–hubby says that what you went through is VERY painful, but I am sure that you know this. That said, Gio, your blog is very important to me as is Fellowship and Eowyn. We are doing much more than singing to the choirs. This blog gives me the courage to speak out in public, and believe me, have I been on my soapbox. I have many friends and family who now read this blog daily even though they do not post. My mom hears about your posts daily since she has no computer. Even liberal, Obama-loving daughter-in-law hears about your posts. Please keep up the good work–we depend on you, and we can help. Your health is #1 priority, so just do what you can. Prayers are with you!

7 06 2010


Tell your hubby that he’s right, but you can tell him for me that the pain is decreasing. On a scale of between 1 and 10, 10 being the highest, my pain has gone from a high of 12 down to about an 11.

As I mentioned above to KW, it seems as if all of you have decided the path I should take. So, it looks as if all of you are now stuck with me. I will still go to the progressive/marxist sites and try to knock some sense into them, but this blog will be my first priority. I am hoping to thank everyone individually on this thread today for all the humbling words of encouragement, and here is yours… thank you for the kind words and especially the words of friendship.


5 06 2010

Giovanni, Discovered your blog shortly before your accident, and made sure to read it everyday as so much of what you said was what I believe in. But then when your posting soon stopped, I wondered where you had ‘gone’. So sorry that you were injured, but glad you survived and have potential for significant recovery. I admire your perseverence and ‘pluck’ and will take your experience as a ‘heads up’ to be more careful myself. Praying for your continued recovery and look forward to more or your nuggets of wisdom. Thanks for sharing with us. God Bless, Glen

7 06 2010


Thank you for the kind words and welcome to my blog. It seems as if newbies and old-timers alike are finding some value in this blog, so as I mention above to the others, you all have chosen my path for me. I can now only hope to be up to the standards you all have set for me.


5 06 2010


It’s probably no comfort but I had a similar “manipulation” several years ago for a “frozen” shoulder. Woke up in the recovery room with my arm strapped to the table above my head. I truly feel your pain. It was awful. They gave me morphine and it did nothing. My only advice is KEEP UP THE THERAPY. It will get better. I’ll continue praying.

Cec and I have been following you for about a year, as you know. I agree that sometimes preaching to the choir can seem pointless, but as several have pointed out, we can share your thoughts (and ours) with those we know who are still caught up in the freak show in DC. I have a friend who has a blog and has a conservative bloglist and a liberal bloglist and, consequently, a huge amount tof traffic. She asked me if I wanted to know her secret to generating more traffic for my blog. Told her now now. I don’t think I’m quite up to dealing with idiots yet.

Doc’s wife–You have a daughter-in-law who’s an Obama freak. I have two daughters and two sisters who live on the east coast. Need I say more? I don’t even try talking to them anymore. But I think people are beginning to come around, especially the people who voted for him out of white guilt. Will it never end?



7 06 2010


Gotta go exercise, so will finish writing my thank yous later today.


My couple of hours of self inflicted torture gave me time to consider what you had gone through with your manipulation, and I have come to the conclusion that you are one tough lady. Cecil had better behave himself cause it sounds as if you could take him in a knock-down. ; )

If you have read any of my other responses above, then you know that I have decided to stick with the blog. However, wading into battle with the enemy is still something I enjoy, and seem to be good at, so I will also continue doing that when I can. The kind words from you and the others have really meant alot to me, especially when I can’t get my wife to listen to anything I say for more than a 60 seconds.

I can’t write everyday like I have done in the past, but like you, will do my best to keep our government honest and something to be proud of, not like the crappola that passes for our government today. All we can do is… keep praying and plugging away.

Say hi to Cec for me.



6 06 2010

I agree with most of the posts on here, I have tried talking to the left and they give me a headache… They have talking points and that is it… They do not have facts to back up the talking points and close their ears or minds to anything I try and bring up…. It makes it difficult to even stay in the same room with them… As for posting on other blogs I tried that as well, names get called posts get removed and nobody actually reads them as they are gone after 10 minutes or so…. It is very hard to communicate with a rock as that is what most left wingers are…
People that think they are smarter then conservatives are the worst… I say keep the blog let us use it to vent and keep up with the world around us…..
Still praying you get better…..

7 06 2010


I know all to well about their talking points and the name calling, but after battling with them for awhile you learn to out-smart them at their game. Most of them are nothing more than immature juveniles so outsmarting them is easy. I am genuinely hated on huff-po, yet I have not been given the boot in over a year.

Like the others, by now you probably know that I’m not giving up this blog. It seems people do need a place to go to vent with other like-minded people so…. vent away!

Lastly, thank you so much for the prayers. They mean alot to me and have helped to sustain me through my re-hab.


6 06 2010

Gio, wow and all this time I thought they were lying to me about frozen shoulders………LOL. I had 4 torn rotator cuff repair surgeries and the rats are like OK….therapy in the AM……….I’m like what are you nut’s I just had an operation, I wanna stay home and eat ice cream …. ;)… So there we are twisting my arm in morn so it don’t freeze up………youch. I’m so sorry you had to go thru that.
Now on to your plan….You are doing a great service here. You are providing knowledge to your regulars, but you are forgetting about those that don’t post………you know the #’s and breakdown on readers to posters. There are many many more drawing knowledge from here then you are thinking about…………….which in turn like everyone is saying they are spreading. I can see wanting to go into enemy camp, but in my opinion you will never convert even one Lib………The best you can do is shoot for the Indys and I think we’ve already got them coming back. Huffpo is to fast paced to make a diff. maybe some site kinda middle of the road and not so quik……none come to mind, maybe there that tactic might work if you can find a place to have an open and honest debate. Problem is I don’t know if that place exists. Battle lines have been drawn.
So bottom line Gio is I think you do more good here in the battle. You do not realize the effect you have on not just your regulars………but then your regular readers who do not post, then all these people tend to share this info…….you’ve given amno to the troops so if they encounter nitwit trolls out there, or genuine people looking for answers…….they can provide it.
And for kicks you can still go to huffpo and bait some trolls like I do………………it is fun isn’t it……….LOL
..Godspeed in your recovery, Your friend, Steve

7 06 2010


As usual, you put a smile on my face, which beats the heck out of the frowns I have carried around for the past few months. I told the wife the other day that I was going to go on eBay and see if I could buy someones good right arm. She didn’t even crack a smile. In fact, she thought I was serious. But after seeing her reaction I thought about you. I said to myself “Steve would have appreciated the dry humor”. Again, thanks for the LOL’s.

It looks as if everyone has decided for me, and I’m going to stick with the blog. To tell you the truth, I’m both humbled and shocked that others would care less about what I have to say. But with that said, I have waaay too much fun fighting with the progressive/marxists, so I’m still going to do that also.

Wish me luck with both. Maybe someday you and I can team-up and go to one of those sites and give em hell!


7 06 2010

Hey, They sell arms on e-bay…maybe a little used but what the heck…….LOL. I know your in a lot of pain……….considering the alternative…..It could be worse…. 😉 Hang in there ….little by little each day you’ll get back to normal…….what ever normal is……these days……LOL

7 06 2010

Hand in there, I read your page everyday.

7 06 2010


Thanks for the words of encouragement.


12 06 2010

Hang in there Gio!

I’d much rathter read what YOU write than much of what I see out on the web. And you’re an inspiration, too. Rehab is no fun, but time flies, and soon you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

Perhaps you might consider Dragon, the MS Office version of voice recognition software. Our neighbor here in CR, Dominic, is “training” his (with his Brit accent and all of the odd place names, he has vocabulary lessons daily). But he seems to really like it. It’s not for me, but then again I can type almost as fast as I talk. Just a thought.

Keep on battling…we all must keep it up everywhere and all the time. NEVER GIVE UP. In fact, I heard the “Mission Accomplished” canard, yet again, here of all places. So, I put that notion to rest. One skirmish at a time, Gio, one skirmish at a time.

Cheers, and as we say here, Pura Vida.

~ Blonde Gator

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