I Support Arizona

21 05 2010

Earlier today I was watching Fox and Friends while going through my re-hab routine and something happened that hit a nerve with me.

One of the last guests they had on was Daisy Fuentes a well known pin-up model and womans clothing designer. Daisy was asked what her opinion was about the new law in Arizona that has so many liberals and marxists in a tiff. She immediately went to the well-worn BS about it Promoting Racial Profiling. Even with Steve, Gretchen, and Brian explaining to her that the law does no such thing, you could see in her eyes that she honestly believed what she said.

This ignorance is what is so sinister oif the marxist left in this country. They control most of the media outlets so they can get away with poisoning the minds of so many. And of course it starts in our schools, something I will save for another time, but you get the idea.

For any of you leftist turds that happen to read this posting, let me state categorically that I totally support the new Arizona law, and I’m proud of my stance. I’m proud of my stance because I actually know what’s in the new law and it has NOTHING to do with Racial Profiling!

Unless you want to continuing lying to people, I suggest you read the law before you show your ignorance to all.





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21 05 2010
Doc' Wife

I have been looking for sources on Arizona companies that I can support. I have found a few companies online, and I may place some orders to prove my support for their great state. We visited San Francisco and Carmel about ten years ago and loved it. However, we will never take a vacation to that state again.

21 05 2010

As a 100% supporter of the Arizona law nothing makes me madder than seeing the cities (specifically in California) claiming boycotts on Arizona, when with their own “sanctuary” policies are already in direct violation of federal law. While I do not believe Arizona can legally cut off the power to California, it is well within their rights renegotiate those contracts, as they should….and make that bankrupt state pay through the nose for every watt.

21 05 2010

As a resident of California, I think Arizona should not only cut of the electrical supply, it should go one step further and take back it’s water also…. If California wants to stop doing business with Arizona then STOP doing business with them. They should not just pick and choose what businesses they will allow to accept help from and which ones they will not….
Our residents have a short memory about illegal immigration, we the voters wanted to stop ALL public funding of illegals and the Supreme Court shot that down, I believe we passed the law by 83% to no longer give tax dollars to illegals and where are those that supported that law?
I am close enough to Arizona that instead of using my cash to gamble in casinos around here, I can drive another 2 hours and spend them there, which is what I plan on doing…. If I spend any amount of money on recreation it will be spent in Arizona until California gets it’s head out of it’s ass….. And that could be years, lol…..
What sickens me most is that the federal government head of ICE came out today and said they will not back Arizona by sending these illegals back that are criminals… Let’s not forget they came in this country illegally, which puts them in the criminal category to start with, but then to actually continue to brake the law while here is a slap in the face of every American in this Country..
If this government was actually doing the jobs they are in control of, they would not have time to take over anything else they have no RIGHTS to, health care, bank bailouts and car take overs…..

21 05 2010

The head of ICE, as well as the commies in DC, should be charged w/treason for not following the laws of this land. Good grief, The Traitor is the most divisive president EVER!

28 05 2010

Arizona= Spanish for arid-zone, give it back to mexico, gracias.

1 06 2010

ha ha ha Mexico have the money to pay for it???????????

31 05 2010

Happy Memorial Day Gio- I hope your recovery is proceeding well. Keep in touch when you can.

1 06 2010

Hey Gio

It’s automatic—we don’t like/agree with/approve of Obama; therefore we’re racist. We want the Arizona law enforced; therefore we’re racial profilers. The left doesn’t want the truth. They prefer to stay deaf. Dear God, I wish they would stay mute. Hope your rehab is going well.



3 06 2010
Doc's Wife

Hi Gio—We miss you. Hope your rehab is going well and you are better with each passing day!

3 06 2010
K Williams

Just heard all the liberal slime on MSNBC are about to get canned. I think I shall have a party over that one 🙂

4 06 2010
D. Tye

As a fairly new transplant to AZ from CA, I am happy to say that I support our new law 100%!! Over the last 3 years 200,000 “illegals” have defected from AZ. Of those that were interviewed, not one stated that he was returning to his own country, in unison they stated that they were moving to other states that were “More friendly toward Hispanics.” !!! So CA can “boycott” us, we will just export our “illegals” to them and let them pay for them with their already overburdened budget!! Now if we could just get rid of that liberal left Mayor of Phoenix and get Sheriff Joe to reconsider being our Governor, we will be happy campers………

4 06 2010
D. Tye

As for Daisy showing her ignorance of the facts, what about Whoopie on “The View”?? During their discussion of the new AZ law, she made a rediculous comment!!! She stated in the heat of the debate, ” You don’t see them passing any laws about Canada’s border do you, thats because they are all white.”!!!! I would have thrown up if I hadn’t been laughing so hard. Only a liberal as far left as you could get would ever compare those two borders. How many “illegals” are sneaking across the Canadian border, how many drug dealers, how much violence in their border towns??? To me Whoopie just showed America that she is a racist……..

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