11 05 2010

Hi Gang,

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that re-hab is progressing, although slowly. My Occupational therapist is excellent but he tends to be on the rough side. I have had to tell him more than once that it’s a good thing that I like him, or he would have been decked by now. The big problem is my shoulder wanting to lock up in an un-usable position and then I am left with using only my left hand and arm for normal tasks. This is troublesome when I am a righty, and never expected I would have to learn how to use my left hand to feed myself.

Not wanting to use up your time with my complaints, I would like to thank every one of you for your prayers and get well wishes. Each and every one of them mean alot to me. God has surrounded me with good family and friends, and that goes for all my cyber-friends too!

As soon as I can stand to spend more than just a few minutes at a time typing I will get back to writing about politics again. I’m actually looking forward to it, especially since I am so darned opinionated and see that our country is still in free-fall to hell. If we don’t put the brakes on soon we will lose our country to the communist progressives for generations to come. We must NOT allow this to happen.

Well, that’s all for now. God bless all of you, and God bless America.





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11 05 2010

Gio, we’ll give ya a week to goof off, but that’s it……..LOL
OK maybe two………..ya don’t even want to know what ya missed…’s been bad…There will be plenty to do when your ready. We ar literally in for the fight of our lives…….Take your time, and get better soon………….Steve

11 05 2010

Hang in there, Gio.

Be patient with your occupational therapist (poor fella, LOL). We need you all better so you can get back into the battle.

11 05 2010

Take your time getting back and focus on rehab…gotta get your strength back to fight these bas*ard commies in charge!

12 05 2010
Doc's Wife

So glad that you are feeling well enought to give your therapist a hard time. Recovery takes time, so go with the flow and you will be back to your spunky self before you know it. We need you to help us fight this battle for our country!!!

12 05 2010

I’m so glad you’re on the road to recovery. You’re in my thoughts and prayers every day.

14 05 2010

Gio/ct…my gosh old friend…get mended and tended soon…glad I checked in here for some reason tonight, please know you have my heartfelt best, prayers go without saying.

You’ll be back to fighting the good fight…I know how it goes.

God Bless you~

20 05 2010

Holy Mackeral Sapphire, Gio!!!

I go on a long trip and now I wander over to your blog and find this!! I’ve stopped by a few times since we left (March 11) and wondered where you were. Even in your pain and agony you’ve managed to use your predicament as a teachable moment. I wish you Godspeed in your recovery, I know you can be ornery *wink* so I know you will do what is required without decking your poor PTist.

Since you were the first to encourage me, I’ll dish it back at you…blogging is good for the soul! Microsoft supposedly has some GREAT new voice recognition software. Iguana Man was talking about it with one of our new friends here in Costa Rica, if you’d like further information I can follow up for you. Might be the ticket until you have the old right wing back in some semblance of working order.

We miss you here, and at NB as well. Take care, Gio…

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