Communist In The White House

6 03 2010

Big h/t to Darla at for emailing me this funny-as-you-know-what, video…




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8 03 2010

Actually it would be funny if it wasn’t so true.


10 03 2010

I was still surprised when I found out that VJ was a conservative a few years back. Glad she’s part of the winning team.

12 03 2010
The Angry White Woman

“I was still surprised when I found out that VJ was a conservative…”

Prob’ly why she isn’t getting much work these days with the entertainment industry being run, owned, overseen (pick a verb, any verb) by libs an’ all. I find her to be adorable and seemingly guileless but these are qualities described as ignorant, clueless or unsophisticated by the “others” standards.

18 03 2010

You people are fucking stupid!! haha!! This whole site is a joke!! haha!!! Wow!! I really wish you people read just a little more!! haha!! But its cool.. What ever!!

19 03 2010


I have read more about communism by accident than you would read on purpose in four lifetimes.

There is nothing “intelligent” or “enlightened” about communism.


What is more, I doubt you have the foggiest clue as to what communism even is.


18 03 2010
The Angry White Woman

Dear Jimmy Haha!!,
…Glad we could amuse you!! haha!!

22 03 2010

So…the woman who became famous on SNL for being a bimbo and showing her panties every chance she got (the handstand routine…remember?) is now a Teabagger darling??

I guess I’m not surprised after all. Jimmy, you’re right. These people don’t know what communism is…they think that communism, fascism, and socialism are one and the same. That’s what happens when you’ve been brainwashed by Faux News.

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