Thinking Rogue

4 03 2010

I know it seems like a stolen idea from Sarah, and maybe part of it is, but it’s how I honestly feel. With that in mind, something tells me that I’m not alone feeling frustrated with what’s happening to our country, and at times, you too think about going rogue because nothing else seems to be working. Not to be confused with doing something stupid. I am NOT condoning violence or destruction of property. I have something else in mind…

I have written letters. I have called my Representative. I have visited my Senators home office. I have made phone calls. I have sent emails. I have signed petitions. I have joined organizations. I have sent money. I have started this, and two other blogs, with the idea of helping to spread the Conservative word and have a place for other Conservatives to vent. I used this particular blog to explain the evils of the Progressive movement. I also made my case against Abortion. I have spent many a night writing about the possible, and probable idea that Obama is a committed Marxist. I have also gone to rallies to protest against not only our corrupt government officials, but also against our president. I call myself a proud Tea-Partier like so many of you…

…But none of what I/we have done has made any difference. Somehow we must find a way to save our country and we better do it “soon”!

I think it’s high time for all brave Patriots to consider borrowing a technique that was used by none other than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the American Civil Rights Movement that he led. I think it’s time to consider using “Civil Disobedience”. Below are some general comments that I have copied from different sites around the internet. First is the explanation of what ‘civil disobedience’ is…

Deliberate, open, and peaceful violation of particular laws, decrees, regulations, military or police orders, or other governmental directives.

Civil disobedience is the active refusal to obey certain laws, demands and commands of a government, or of an occupying international power. It is one of the primary methods of nonviolent resistance. In its most nonviolent form it could be said that it is compassion in the form of respectful disagreement. Civil disobedience is one of the many ways people have rebelled against unfair laws. It has been used in many well-documented nonviolent resistance movements. The one we know close to home is the American Civil Rights Movement.

Below are two statements taken at random off the Internet…

“have gone through a cycle of needing to expose the powerholders belligerence to the peoples’ interests, need to convince and inspire a mass of people to act, and need to make the powerholders change their policy. These steps can be hard to folllow.”

“So my point is that these protests and mobilizations – whether involving mass demonstrations or small scale arrestable civil disobedience – are a way to galvanize many people, either through “being there” or through the media.”


So, what do you think? And… are you willing to pass this around to get feedback from other real Americans?

And before some progressive jerk tries to put this on the Republicans, let me just say… “SCREW OFF”!





3 responses

4 03 2010
Doc's Wife

Gio, this sounds scary. I was in Mississippi in the middle of the civil right’s issues, and I could tell stories that you would not believe. That said, right now my first act of rebellion is refusing to give any info to census people other than the number living in our home. Some people have thrown out the idea of a massive refusal to pay taxes. I believe that no matter how many thousands did this they would still fine us greatly. What do you think?

4 03 2010


I think you have a wonderful idea, and if it’s any comfort to you I’m treating the census the exact same way.

As far as the tax revolt is concerned, there are many just like you that feel the same way. I’m guessing it would take a million+ people to not file their income taxes in order for the government to get the idea. Somehow, someway, we must get across to them that we refuse to keep paying for NON-REPRESENTATION. And nobody can conveniently say they forgot “no taxation without representation”. Even a politician in a coma should know this by heart.

Hmmmm, I just got an idea. Will send you a private email.


22 03 2010

That’s great! You realize, by not fully participating in the Census, that all you will “accomplish” is reducing the amount of government money allocated to social programs for children, the elderly, and the needy in your area.

And don’t even try to compare yourself to the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He wasn’t an ignorant racist, nor was he an idiot.

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