Important Action Alert

4 03 2010

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

The “public option” is a real threat and liberal activists
are flooding Capitol Hill. See below.  –Steve

Dear Resistors:

I just received word from a trusted contact on Capitol
Hill that the Left’s strategy of flooding Congress with
“Pro ObamaCare” phone calls is working.

“We just left [a member of Congress’] office and while we
were waiting, their phones were going crazy demanding”
support for health care and to sign on to the Bennet
letter committing to voting for reconciliation. The Bennet
effort is to give Pelosi air cover for the House vote….
Get everyone you can to call or fax or email.”

The “Bennet letter” refers to a letter from Sen. Michael
Bennet of Colorado which urges Majority Leader Reid to

In other words, the Bennet letter is designed to send
a message to House Democrats that the House version of
the bill with the public option will be included in
the final (real) ObamaCare bill using reconciliation.

And reports indicate the Bennet Letter already has 33 signers!

+ + Odds of ObamaCare passing are rising

This contact also relayed the following on the prospects
of ObamaCare passing…

“The person who has been our main contact said…last week
she would have thought 20% [likelihood of ObamaCare passing]
now thinks 50%…. They also have polling data that each
piece of health care reform when polled line by line has
support and that Americans will love it after they do it.
My sense is that we really need the TEA party to bombard
the House members or this is going to happen.”

+ + Two Key Actions

#1 — Send faxes right now

Even if you’ve done so already…

You can use our FaxFire system to send this message right
now to your two Senators, your Rep AND the President — and
MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Go here to schedule your faxes:

(As always, we provide all the information for you to send
your own faxes if you prefer. Just click the above link.)

#2 — Call your Senators and Representative

Again, it appears the President’s grassroots strategy is
working. If you want your voice to be heard, please call…

Rep. Call the Congressional Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Be sure to tell your Senators what you think about the “Bennet
Letter” calling for reconciliation and the public option.

If you have already sent faxes, thank you! And thanks for
going the extra mile right now with more faxes and phone
calls. Thank you for all you do as part of the Grassfire Nation
and ResistNet.

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

P.S. Also be sure to join the dialogue and the grassroots
strategy at ResistNet:




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