Up/Down Good/Bad

24 02 2010

This is the nightmare that most Real Estate developers have each night.

Below I copied 3 headlines of Real Estate news just from today. The first one talks about how home prices are rising in their area, while the second one warns of record low home sales.  Then to distract you from those two related headlines, someone throws in an article about Real Estate psychology. If I were investing in Real Estate today, I would probably read the last article first, then go get my head examined by a really good Therapist.

Housing Prices Increase, Again

New US home sales fall to record low

Housing market psychology still fragile




One response

24 02 2010
Doc's Wife

Since we live in a large retirement area, many, many new homes have been turned back to the bank. Cabins here are selling (or not selling) for probably 1/2 what they used to. Then again, prices here were ridiculous for cheaply built places with no insulation and cheap products. With very few new people moving here, the economy has gotten much worse.

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