Fighting The Marxist Hoarde

24 02 2010

Freedom in the Balance

By Tom in NC

I hardly know where to start with my opinion this week, sometimes I feel like I’m walking a tightrope between my feelings and my opinions, between what’s legal and what’s pushing the limits and what’s the proper course of action in dealing with a government that is ignoring the will of the people. We still have nine months until the 2010 elections and nothing we are doing is deterring democrats from pushing an agenda that the overwhelming majority of the American people do not want. They are willing to commit political suicide in order to pass socialized healthcare, they are really no different than the kamikaze pilots in WWII or the modern suicide bombers in the middle east, they are sacrificing themselves in order to do the maximum amount of damage to this country. To any rational person this would be considered treason.
    A representative government is just that, a government that represents the people. Abraham Lincoln said it best in the Gettysburg Address “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” However it seems that the present government is in a full court press to flush our Constitution, our principles and 200+ years of history and sacrifice right down the toilet. I sit here and ponder what our options are, do we depend on our representatives to do the right thing hoping against hope they will have a change of heart and start listening to us. Do we wait until November when we can vote them out of office, but as I said before that is not deterring them, they are doubling down and are going shove this down our throats no matter what. No I think what is needed is a show of outrage so massive that Obama, Reid and Pelosi and their suck-ups in the MSM couldn’t possibly ignore or downplay it. Such an overwhelming display that it scares the crap out of the socialist sycophants. A massive march on Washington on a scale never before seen in history a march that stops all traffic and paralyzes DC. This will take 5-10 million people and my idea is to gather outside of Washington and March into the city in numbers never before seen, a nonstoppable mass of humanity surrounding the Capital and White House and in one voice shake and rattle the walls of Congress and the West Wing.
    I know the logistics of a gathering on this scale would be as massive as the march itself, but something on this scale has to be done. I have other Ideas but at this time I choose to still keep it peaceful, let’s just say that so far we have chosen to not use force but that option needs to be on the table for the future. A massive show of discontent such as this may very well be the last step the American people take prior to revolution if our government continues to think that they can continue to walk over us without consequence. They will not realize the folly of their actions unless there is ramifications for them or a price to be paid on their part.
    There is a lot of anger in the country right now at a government that simply does not care what the people of this country do, say or want. How much longer that anger continues to boil before the top blows is anyone’s guess, but when it does, nobody in our government will want to be anywhere near ground zero! 
Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.
John Adams, Letter to Benjamin Rush, 18 April 1808
US diplomat & politician (1735 – 1826)



2 responses

24 02 2010
Doc's Wife

At this point, I also feel a sense of hopelessness in our future. The Dem takeover is overwhelming, and we are being bombarded on All sides. Each and evry day we wake up to some new thing that Barry is doing that is unconstitutional, and no one does or says anything. What is America going to do at this point? There may soon be no USA left. I am depressed!

28 02 2010


I agree. It’s going to take something rather extraordinary to save America as it was founded.


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