Progressivism Is A Disease

22 02 2010

Mind rotting disease called Progressivism.

I waited until today to post this about Glenn Becks speech at CPAC because I wanted to let everyone else go first.

My reaction to his speech was, and still is, too bad he’s not running for office. I’m putting that idea aside because he admits that he has too many skeletons in his closet, some of which are only between him and God. But I do love the idea that he comes out talking about his past and says he was a real dirt-bag. It takes guts to do that while millions of people are either listening or watching you 5 days a week. I also love the idea that he’s not afraid to give thanks to God, and he thinks our government should operate by the Constitution. This is the stuff he gets ridiculed over. For those of you that watched or listened to the entire speech, I’m guessing you had your favorite part. Mine was when he talked about his Dad being a small business man, as is Glenn now, and asked the question… “since when is it bad to be a self-made man in America”? The answer should be a resounding “NEVER”, but the progressives don’t think that way. It’s quite obvious to me that progressives don’t think American.

Anyway, I spent the last couple of days surfing the internet to gauge how the media saw his speech. I am NOT shocked that the Mainstream Media came close to calling him the Child of Satan. However, I did find one story that got more than half of it correct, and I consider that a big win. Enjoy…


Glenn Beck at CPAC: ‘Progressivism Is a Cancer in America’

Glenn Beck closed the 37th annual CPAC with a passionate, personal, ideological-but-not-partisan speech about his career and America’s values. For 45 minutes held the crowd in the palm of his hand, veering between tales of his small-town upbringing and denunciations of the progressive movement.

“Progressivism is a cancer in America,” said Beck, “and it’s eating our Constitution — and it was meant to eat our Constitution.”

For fans of Beck’s daily TV show (less so his radio show) it was a deja vu kind of spectacle. Throughout the day, rumors had circulated through the Marriott about a “special guest” who might introduce Beck. Maybe it would be Sarah Palin; maybe it would be George W. Bush. I talked to activists who worked their sources with both of those people, coming up dry. A few minutes into Beck’s speech, the “special guest” was revealed — the chalkboard Beck uses on TV. The crowd broke into cheers as loud as anything heard all weekend.

“It’s still morning in America,’ said Beck. “It happens to be a kind of a head-pounding, vomiting, hangover kind of morning in America.”

It was a largely optimistic speech, less doom-and-gloom, and less specific in its attacks on the Obama administration than Beck’s usual fare. And coming so soon after the loud boos that greeted Ron Paul’s CPAC straw poll win, the rapturous response was sort of ironic. Nothing Beck said would have sounded strange coming from Paul — a fact that became even clearer when Beck said America “does not have to spread democracy” at gunpoint, because its values will spread themselves.

Beck scored few hits on President Obama, even apologizing (tongue planted in cheek) for a joke about the president’s Nobel prize. His targets were broader — the Democratic Party, the GOP, and anyone else touched by progressive ideas.

“My name is the Republican Party and I have a problem!” said Beck, suggesting a confession for the GOP that multiple CPAC speakers — including some party politicians — had issued over the weekend. “I’m addicted to spending and big government.”

Beck compared the party to Tiger Woods, too, paraphrasing the golf star’s mea culpa. “I knew my actions were wrong, but I thought normal rules did not apply. Lind of like economic rules.” And he made a thinly-disguised attack on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). “We have a guy in the Republican Party who says his favorite president is Theodore Roosevelt. Well, I thought so too, before I read Theodore Roosevelt.”

The only Republican who came in for praise was the former vice president. “I love Dick Cheney,” said Beck. “But it’s not enough just to not suck as much as the other side.”

Echoing another theme of the conference — really, of every CPAC — Beck dismissed the idea that Republicans needed to reach out by becoming less conservative. “We need a big tent,” he said sarcastically. “What is this, a circus? America is not a clown show! America is an idea that sets people free!”

When Beck talked about facts and history, he dealt with the origins of the progressive movement up through 1938. The crowd devoured it. Woodrow Wilson’s name drew loud and knowing boos; Calvin Coolidge’s name got boisterous cheers. After praising Coolidge, Beck sniped at the press (waving his hand towards the media booth) and mimed typing on a keyboard, guessing that we’d mock him for praising the “roaring twenties.” But Beck’s attacks on Wilson were more jarring — he went after the 28th president for proposing the League of Nations and compared his fateful whistlestop tour promoting it to Obama’s campaign for health care reform.

At other times, Beck trod more familiar ground. He got his first standing ovation for saying the free enterprise system let him work from being “in the fetal position” at a low point in his career to rebuilding so “I can stand here today.” His other big applause lines, though, came after he recited patriotic boilerplate, culminating with a reading of “the New Colossus,” the Emma Lazerus poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.

Beck’s speech achieved a major goal — it perfectly captured the change underway in the conservative movement, the motivating worry about economic collapse and the grand appeals to history and Republican Party reform. When Beck wrapped, ACU’s David Keene walked onstage and wrote “CPAC 2010″ on the Beck chalkboard. The board, he said, would be taken to the weekly Wednesday meeting of conservatives “to remind us all of what we should be doing.”




5 responses

22 02 2010

Glenn Beck is a traitor. He is a false idol for conservatives.
This is your man here..

Ron Paul.

Glenn Beck will ridicule Debra Medina, a true conservative , for standing up for the constitution.

Glenn Beck has sabatoged the Tea Party movement as well, as it was close to gaining ground on both sides of the “aisle” in the public.

There IS a fascist coup happening, and it does not stick to either side of the party lines. Certain players are in, others are out.

You, I, and the Constitution: Out
Glenn Beck, Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rahm Emanuel, Cheney, Clinton(s), Olberman, Kissinger, Brzenzski, The Central Banks: In

22 02 2010


Look, I understand that there is a slightly different breed of folks living in Northern California, so I can understand why you are pushing Paul. With that said, there is no way in hell that Glenn has sabotaged any Tea-Party. In fact, Glenn has been the reason why so many people have joined-up with Tea-Parties. I say Tea-Parties because as I write this there are 12 Tea-Parties that I know about, and at least one of them is a White Supremacists group trying to grow their ranks by claiming they are with the Tea-Parties. Yikes, we can do without that one!

My point is… Most Tea-Partiers are NOT Ron Paul supporters, but they do believe in bringing back the Constitution as our blueprint as to how this Representative Republic is supposed to work. And the only coup taking place is a Marxist one. This is what we Tea-Partiers are fighting against. Your “in” “out” example is pretty lame.

One last thing… the only way that the people can lose the Constitution is by apathy. Fortunately I think the people are finally awake and ready to save the Constitution at any cost. Keep in mind that it was written specifically for “We the people”, so it’s up to us to save it.


22 02 2010
(Dave) jocaasbe

Hey Gio, this is a blurb from my last post on my site. I’m not pushing my site but thought it dovetailed well into what you have said above.
“Pages of Change!
The Constitution of the United States of America in its current state: Approximately fifteen pages (15).

The Democrat Health Care bill in its current state: Approximately 1017 pages.

Red Flag anyone?
The Constitution of the United States is the foundation on which this country was formed. The left says that it’s an evolving, floating, or ever changing document…..Try changing the foundation under your home just a little and see what happens to the Integrity of your house! The Constitution says nothing about Providing anything except “defense”. The Preamble says this:
“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
How about “our” representatives protecting what they “pledged” to protect….. The Constitution!”

22 02 2010


First of all, it’s ok to plug your site with a link when you post something here. Just don’t get carried away with it. For example… “Hey everyone, you want to read a much better blog than the one Gio has? Well then come to my blog and dump old Gio like a girl that just told you she has an STD”.

I think it was Glenn Beck that asked this question recently… “how come you never hear a politician talk about the Constitution anymore?”. That’s a damn good question ain’t it?


22 02 2010


Ron Paul has some great domestic ideas, and I would seriously consider him for governor, but his foreign policy…well, I’ll just say that I don’t speak Chinese, Pharsi, Arabic or Spanish, and I am too old to learn now.

As for Beck being a traitor? Hardly.


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