Mount Vernon Statement

22 02 2010


 It’s already being hailed as a historic conservative manifesto. “The Mount Vernon Statement”, signed just days ago by more than 80 top conservative leaders, including Media Research Center Founder Brent Bozell, signals a return to Constitutional conservative values and declares philosophical war on big government and the radical attacks to undermine and redefine our culture and society.

Already, more than 16,000 MRC Action team members have also signed “The Mount Vernon Statement”, and we want to give everyone who may have missed our earlier call to action an opportunity to become part of this exciting conservative action that is sweeping the nation.

See the details below.

 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Wednesday was a landmark day for conservatives when more than 80 conservative leaders – including MRC founder Brent Bozell – signed “The Mount Vernon Statement”, a document defining the conservative movement’s principles, beliefs, and values in light of the blistering, radical attacks that are threatening our liberty and way of life.

This historic gathering at Mount Vernon recommits conservatives to constitutional authority, declaring a philosophical war against big government, and radical attempts to recast our nation into a socialist state.

Fifty-years ago, a similar moral and political crisis gripped our nation when a group of young conservatives gathered at the home of Brent’s uncle, William F. Buckley, Jr., to sign “The Sharon Statement” a keystone document that launched the modern conservative movement. The Mount Vernon Statement is intended create a renewed sense of common purpose among conservatives. As Brent says,

“The Mount Vernon Statement solidifies the conservative movement as vibrant and energized, ready to lead America into a renewed era of liberty and self government.”

+ + One Million Conservatives Renewed, Recommitted for Change

Giovanni, The Mount Vernon Statement gives conservatives across the nation an opportunity to sign on and be part of this recommitment to a Constitution-based conservatism.

Brent says, “Conservatives must reinstitute the great principles that defined us by our nation’s founders. Conservatives must work to fight the radical agenda that threatens our jobs, our security, our values and our security. And conservatives must do it together.”

As a nation and a people, it’s time to get back to those first principles, and that’s precisely what The Mount Vernon Statement does.

Giovanni, what happened Wednesday at Mount Vernon needs to happen throughout the nation, as hundreds of thousands of conservatives add their name to this historic document.

To read and sign The Mount Vernon Statement, click here.

With your help, and the help of dozens of other conservative organizations represented at Wednesday’s historic signing, we hope to quickly rally and mobilize more than ONE MILLION signers of The Mount Vernon Statement, sparking a renewed commitment to true conservatism that will sweep across the country!

Right now the very core of our society and culture are under intense attack – our principles are being undermined and redefined in the liberal media, in our schools, and in Washington.

We simply cannot allow this destruction to continue.

As the nation’s leading media watchdog, the MRC has long been sounding the alarm, exposing and neutralizing the so-called “news” media’s role in this effort.

Wednesday’s historic signing signals an end to the radical reshaping of our nation, and a re-birth of the constitutional principles that the vast majority of Americans hold near and dear.

Giovanni, as a key member of our team, we know that we can count on you to make your voice heard by clicking here.

And after signing, please forward this message directly to 30-40 conservative friends and family members, urging them to join with you by reading and signing The Mount Vernon Statement.

I want to thank you in advance for joining with the MRC as together we march to the forefront of this move to return to our founding principles!

 David Martin














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