Action Alert

22 02 2010

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

       The President’s February 25 bi-partisan meeting with
       Republicans is a ruse, and we have the proof!
       Details below.  –Steve

Dear Patriots,

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) tipped the strategy
of Democrats when he suggested during an appearance on MSNBC,
that the public option is likely to re-emerge!

Originally dropped as a way to gain centrist support and reach
60 votes, Clyburn said, “If you’re not going to do a 60-vote
strategy but instead a 50-plus-one strategy, the public
option could very well be a part of this package.”

        And while the potential re-emergence of the public
        option is troubling, it actually gets worse…

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a political
action committee whose focus is on electing progressive
Democrats in the U.S. Congressional elections is
circulating a letter among House Democrats, calling
for the formal reintroduction of the public option…

Already 119 have signed… along with 13 Democrat senators
who signed a similar letter.

As we’ve explained in past updates, their letter calls
for the Senate to pass a series of “fixes” to the
ObamaCare bill that passed in December under the budget
reconciliation process.

       Such a move would sidestep the need for 60 votes!

       Forget about President Obama’s “much anticipated”
       February 25 meeting with Republicans to negotiate
       from a “true give and take” platform, it’s
       nothing more than a smokescreen to blind public

The true plan is already cast, and in the eyes of
Democrats, ObamaCare is essentially a done deal — unless
grassroots Americans can again inoculate the public with
the truth, while maintaining a strong grassroots presence
of opposition in both the House and Senate!

+ + No Meetings until ObamaCare is “Off the Table”

Their clever ploy exposed, it’s now up to you
and me to make some noise on Capitol Hill and across the

I’m urging ALL members of our formidable team to fax
specifically chosen lawmakers (including your two
Senators and Representative) letting them
know that the continued behind-the-scenes efforts to

Click here now to schedule your faxes:

Working in the shadows away from public view and using
political slight-of-hand maneuvers to pass legislation
the vast majority of Americans despise is dishonest,
and an affront to the will of the people. That outrage
must be expressed to our lawmakers!

Go here to help right now:

If you prefer to send faxes on your own, my staff has made
it easy for you to download both fax numbers and letters
to easily print off and send.

As our update suggests, there is a flurry of Congressional
activity regarding ObamaCare — even though little is
being reported to the public.

Don’t be lulled into inactivity!

The risk is too great not to respond immediately.
That’s why I recommend using our exclusive Faxfire Fax
system — a simple click is all it takes to express your
outrage to key lawmakers.

But regardless of what method you use, it is more important
that ALL members of Grassfire Nation and ResistNet take action
to short-circuit the dishonest plans of Democrats seeking to pass
ObamaCare by whatever means necessary!

Click here to take immediate action:

Thank you in advance for taking fast action with me.

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation




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