First Greece Now The Dutch

20 02 2010

Early last week I was on a bit of a rant about how the country of Greece has basically collapsed under the weight of its own stupidity. In fact, I wrote three seperate pieces on Greece because I was trying to warn folks that it could happen here.

Today we learn that the Netherlands has collapsed. Others may have been aware of it happening, but the report below is the very first I have seen in the media about the Dutch going belly-up.

This is not a good sign. Do not wait for the next domino to fall, start planning now so you are ahead of the unruly crowds. Below is the story that was my first hint about what was happening to the Dutch government…

Government collapse set to prompt Dutch troop withdrawal

The Dutch prime minister has tendered his government’s resignation to Queen Beatrix after a disagreement over the country’s Afghan military mission ended his ruling coalition.

Jan Peter Balkenende announced the collapse of the government after coalition parties failed to agree on a NATO request to extend the Netherlands’ military mission in Afghanistan by a year.

The collapse makes the return of the Dutch NATO contingent from Afghanistan a near certainty.

There are almost 2,000 Dutch troops stationed there.

The region’s governor, Asadullah Hamdam, says the Dutch presence was vital in providing security, training police and reconstruction.

NATO spokesman James Appathurai says the people of Afghanistan can rely on NATO support.

“We have invested a lot in Afghanistan and we will continue to invest in Afghanistan because its an investment in our own security,” he said.

“Nato will stay as long as necessary and that is a very very clear commitment.

“The Dutch decision is for the Dutch to take and we will not interfere in that.”

Mr Appathurai says the alliance would still like to see some sort of contribution from the Netherlands.

“The best way forward for the overall NATO mission would include a new smaller Dutch military mission as well,” he said.

“NATO cannot and does not want to intervene in internal discussions of individual nations and we won’t do that here as well, but certainly we want to keep this as a team effort.”





3 responses

20 02 2010
(Dave) jocaasbe

I heard Glenn Beck say to be watching for the other European countries to start falling. I guess he was right!

21 02 2010
Doc's Wife

Wonder what our future holds?? We need to start thinking about it!

22 02 2010


I think people like us have been thinking about it, it’s corrupt politicians and most of the brain-dead citizens of this country that don’t think about it.

Every Christian wonders if this is the beginning of the end times, and turns to their Bible for answers. They may find the spiritual answers they seek, but the practical every-day-what-to-do answers are lacking. But at least we are thinking about it!

Those that work on both ‘practical’ as well as ‘spiritual’ will be way ahead of everyone else. And as you mentioned in one of your previous postings, these mountains allow us for a better chance at survival.


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