Right-Wing Nut Jobs

19 02 2010

I was saddened yesterday when I first heard about some nut flying his plane into an office building in Texas, killing one innocent person, and himself. I’m now over being saddened and have moved-on to anger.

Austin Plane CrashDon’t worry, I’m not about to go kill innocent people, it’s not that kind of anger, and I’m not that kind of person. I’m mad at the uneducated maroons that repeat anything they read or hear, that blames Conservatives for all the bad things in the world. But I’m twice as mad at those that are putting those types of messages out there for the maroons to pick-up and repeat. It is these a**holes that put a wall between all clear thinking people and those that consider themselves liberals.

From now on, those people should be treated with complete dis-dain. We Conservatives are for the most part a very peaceful bunch, but there is nothing that says we can’t stand-up to those on the left that try to blame us for everything bad that happens. From now on, when any progressive liberal lefty wants to blame us for something, I say we throw it back in their faces. We are NOT right-wing nut-jobs! Don’t be violent when you do this, but do make sure to use your imagination.

Check out just some of the comments I copied in less than a minute over at HuffPo. These maroons seem to think that they know all about Andrew Joseph Stack.

“This is a classic act of terrorism–an act of violence directed against civilians in furtherance of an ideological agenda.”

“So… there’s no point really in arguing semantics Perhaps, in this day and age of Tea Party constituents touting billboards that say, “We didn’t bring a weapon… this time.”, we should prepare our court system to better handle terrorists.”

“It seems odd that anytime a Democrat is elected President that these things seem to go on the rise. Whacked out militias form and people go crazy. Why? Can we blame all the hyped up, right wing rhetoric from the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, InsHannity, Dobbs, O’Reilly etc, that is leading seemingly normal people to start doing irrational and violent things that hurt other people?”

“It was an act of tea-bag ter rorism. Beck, Bachmann, Palin, Limbaugh and the like are directly responsible for creating an atmosphere of ha tred towards the government using Iies and mani pulation, in order to attempt to get the party of fail back into power. Instead, all they have done is encourage ha tred and ter rorism.”

“I think that if you have misdirected, irrational animosity towards the government based on misinformation, lies, and delusions which leads you to act out in an angry, violent , or murderous way you are labeled a teabagger.”




2 responses

19 02 2010

This idiot left a manifest which praised communism and insulted Capitalism but so far no one and I said NO ONE at the MSM will acknowledge it and this omission has not gone unnoticed within the blogosphere! The MSM and there supporters are making themselves look extreamly bias by this willful omission of fact and have yet to realize that anyone with a computer can fact check their lies.

The general population no longer depend on TV, Cable, or Newspapers anymore and their popularity will continue to slide until they start reporting the full story instead of half-truths to suit their agenda.

19 02 2010
Tom in NC

This is just par for the course for these marxist/socialist douche bags. According to his bullshit manifesto this idiot was anti-capitalist, communist, hated the decade of prosperity(the 80’s and Reagan) and blamed Bush for all his recent troubles. He sounds more like an Obama stooge than anything else. Let’s face it, the leftist are starting to crack up big time, they elected a loser for president, his is destroying the economy, killing jobs and prosperity and their only defense is to blame everybody but themselves and the idiot in the White House.
I’m yet to see anybody as unhinged as the buffoons on the left in the TEA Party movement, we are the ones with the ideas to fix this mess and get this country moving and back on track, and come November we will start clearing away the train wreck of this administration and as far as I’m concerned Obama can just sit in the Oval Office and suck his thumb because after the coming elections he will be irrelevant until we can give him the boot in 2012.

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