Global Hoaxing Part Deux

17 02 2010

A funny thing happened on our way to Global Warming, the truth got out!

The Welcome Demise of the Global Warming Scam

After a long, arduous and expensive battle, the fraud that is known as man-made global warming is finally dying. A victim of too much hype and little if any fact. From it’s birth in the 1880’s as an obscure scientific hypothesis, to it’s promotion to a major international policy issue in the late 1970’s by Margaret Thatcher, who did not want use the issue as a means to end capitalism but rather promote it. She wanted as most of us do, to protect the environment, she wanted to end her country’s dependence on coal with the use of clean nuclear power. However, by 1990, she had begun to recognize that the issue was being used as a Trojan horse by anti-capitalist forces. That is why she took pains in her Royal Society speech in 1990 to state: “Whatever international action we agree upon to deal with environmental problems, we must enable our economies to grow and develop, because without growth you cannot generate the wealth required to pay for the protection of the environment”.
Since that time global warming has been perverted into an anti-capitalist, economy killing monstrosity, promoted by die hard liberals around the world with only one intention, to kill off free market capitalism at all costs. Chief of the global warming hypocrits is Al Gore, who through scientifically and truth challenged books, a documentary and numerous speeches has spread alarmism throughout this country and the world. Preaching to us about the type of cars we should drive, how warm or cool we should keep our home and what type of light bulbs we should use to light those homes. All the while he travels around in private jets, carts around in limosines and SUV’s and maintains a home that uses more electricity in a month than the average American home uses in a year.
Al Gore has never had to prove any of his statements and has never debated a climate scientist who disputes anthropogenic global warming. He has, however become a deity to the global warming fanatics who swoon at his every word while denying scientific facts, even when global warming was exposed as a hoax through the hacked e-mails of supposed reputable scientists that showed that they were manipulating data to favor global warming when in fact the planet during the medieval ages was warmer than now and that there has not been any global warming since 1995. In fact the planet has gone through a period of cooling during that time.
So now despite the best efforts of global warming alarmists to resuscitate this fraud, it is with the hope and prayers of logical and intelligent people everywhere that this hoax finally dies once and for all. Stop the CPR, disconnect the IV’s and pull the sheet over the head of the global warming beast and let it die, and let Al Gore and these fanatics fade into obscurity to end up on the trash heap of history.  
Tom in NC



3 responses

18 02 2010


Ha, wonder how much longer ol’ Al can stay in hiding…

18 02 2010

And may AGW die the hard and painful death as it should.

18 02 2010

Amen to that. The really weird thing is…. there are many on the left that still put their fingers in their ears and walk around going NYAAAAAH,NYAAAHHHH,NYAAAAH, I CAN’T HEAR YOU! So they continue to preach the end of the world because of coal, autos (especially Chevys), and cow belching. I even noticed a fund raiser earlier today to stop climate change. Let’s see old Al give his fortune away to that one. LOL…


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