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16 02 2010


From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

Dear Patriots:

Next week’s nationally televised healthcare “trap” is
getting worse.

Reports from the Hill now indicate that Obama and the
Democrats are working behind closed doors to craft
the final language of the “new” ObamaCare bill BEFORE
the televised discussion even takes place. According
to Politico:

      “Obama hopes to walk into the Feb. 25 summit with an
      agreement in hand between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
      and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on a final
      Democratic bill, so they can move ahead with a reform
      package after the sit-down.”

In other words, the televised “sit-down” is pure political
theatre designed to paint opponents in a bad light and
justify ramming ObamaCare through Congress.

Republican leaders are asking Democrats to disavow these
reports of a secret, backroom deal. But they refuse.

      Not only are Democrats refusing to take ObamaCare off
      the table before the meeting, they appear to be working to
      finalize their final bill in advance of any “talks”!

That’s why Grassfire Nation is calling on our team members
to send a message loud and clear to Congress:


You can use our FaxFire system to send this message right
now to your two Senators, your Representative AND the
President — along with other key members of Congress.
Go here to schedule your faxes:

(As always, we provide all the information for you to
send your own faxes if you prefer. Just click the
above link.)

+ + Yet another backroom deal to pass ObamaCare!

As we’ve discussed earlier, Obama and the Dems plan on
passing ObamaCare without even ONE Republican vote.
This plan is already in the works.

The televised media event is simply designed to provided
political “cover” for ramming their latest backroom deal
through Congress.

If they succeed, ObamaCare will pass — despite the
Massachusetts Miracle and despite the clear rejection of
government-run healthcare by the American people.

      Go here right now to send your faxes and tell Obama and
      your members of Congress that ObamaCare must be taken
      completely off the table before any health care talks can


Unless grassroots Americans express outrage and demand
that a “Do Not Resuscitate” order be place on ObamaCare,
Democrat leadership will continue with their “trap” and
then move to pass their government takeover of healthcare.

Thank you for taking action!

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

Visit Patriotic Resistance at:




9 responses

16 02 2010
Doc's Wife

These people make me SICK!!! What the hell is their problem? Americans do not want this, but they do not care because they want to rule us!! As I write this, I am sitting in my husband’s office, and I can see and hear him talking w/ patients. He just wants to do his work w/o Barry butting in!!I am sitting in his office because we returned from a concert in Atlanta last night, and we cannot get up our road due to packed ice. Will be staying in a motel till we can get up! Hopefully it will be before Easter.

16 02 2010


I too don’t have much use for people that totally ignore what the people really want so they can find a way to control our lives. And, nobody should get between your husband and his patients, especially Obama!

This winter has been hard on a lot of people here in western North Carolina. The kids here in my county may have to give up their spring break. Last Saturday was supposed to be a make-up day for them but wouldn’t you know it… it snowed, so they cancelled Saturday. My wife and I want to form a prayer circle of sorts. We want to invite people to gather and pray hard for some Global Warming!


16 02 2010
Doc's Wife

I will be happy to pray for this. I have told all of my family that I plan to have a party when my first daffodil blooms! (If my road has thawed)

16 02 2010

What the hell is the GOP doing they have the Dems by the balls and they are just letting go and heading to the farce of meeting! Most of the nation don’t want universal health care, most no longer believe in AGW and want no part in cap n trade and yet the GOP are intentionally walking into a DNC firing squad WTF?

16 02 2010


And hardcore Republicans have had a hard time understanding why Tea-Partiers have been so hard on them. Now the president and his anti-american dems will do their best to ridicule and demean the Republicans and their party….. AND THEY WILL DO THEIR BEST TO CONNECT TEA-PARTIERS WITH THE GOP!

At this juncture in my life I can honestly say that my vote belongs to me, and the people that get my vote will have to work pretty damned hard to get it. As a half-hearted joke we should form the Republicrat Party.


P.S. Or Demblican.

17 02 2010
17 02 2010

If congress really wanted to HELP where health care is concerned, there are several ways to do this WITHOUT taking over everyones care…
For one thing, there have been doctors in this country that have wanted to do away with insurance companies and charge their patients a flat monthly rate for their care and OUR GOVERNMENT has put a stop to it… Glenn Beck had a doctor a few months ago that wanted to do this and ended up in court because they were saying he was acting as an insurance company.. Ended up having to charge a monthly rate plus a cost per visit charge…
How many doctors would actually do this if they could charge their low income families a flat rate for the care, just to get away from having to deal with the insurance companies and all the paperwork that goes with them? I would think a lot of small town docs would if they could..
The government could also train and hire doctors, open up more clinics and hospitals to care for the ones without insurance in each community… Charge each family based on income and still not need to REVAMP our whole system for the 20 million that choose to have cell phones and other things, instead of buying insurance…
I am beginning to think this whole thing really is not about healthcare but to actually CONTROL our private lives… The government wants to tell us what to eat, how much we can eat, when to exercise, how to exercise, and how to raise our kids…. They want to be able to tell us what activities are acceptable to them and which ones are not…
The progressive movement is all about control, PERIOD…

17 02 2010
Doc's Wife

My husband and I have actually been throwing around the idea of operating a cash-only practice if Obamacare passes. We feel, however, that the gov’t. will probably not allow it. Dealing w/ insurance prescription formularies and the gov’t. now are a nightmare. Can’t imagine if it gets worse. We pay a medical billing person 10% of what we bill monthly just to do insurance and gov’t coding, and that is a nice chunk of what we could use to hire more nurses. We believe charging like good country doctors used to do would make life so much easier. And yes, my husband has been known to take vegetables, meat, etc. if someone was really hard up.

17 02 2010


I wish I could rate your post with a hundred thumbs-up. You and your husband should be an inspiration for any, and all that go into the medical profession.
Sadly, I think you are right… the government probably won’t allow you to do a cash only business. But something tells me that if they do it, that it’s probably un-constitutional.


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