Wanna Have Fun W/Progressives?

14 02 2010

First, I’ve got to h/t Bob for sending me this link before it’s scrubbed off the internet. I’m NOT the sharpest tack in the box when it comes to technology, so could somebody explain to me the easiest way to record this video for perpetuity? In the meantime, make sure that the next time you argue with any progressive on the internet (even if it’s your Mom), that you have the following video ready to go. Progressives will go insane and make babbling noises beacuse they have been taught that the financial collapse was all Bush’s fault, but as it turns out, he tried to do something about only to be blocked by DEMOCRATS!

Have fun… Gio-

September 24, 2008
The Bush Admin and Senator McCain warned repeatedly about Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac and what thus became the 2008 financial crisis — starting in 2002. Democrats resisted and kept to their party line, extending loans to people who couldn’t afford them — just like you would expect of socialists.




3 responses

14 02 2010

This pissed me off about McCain when he didn’t bring this up in the election…he was a co-sponsor of that bill (sponsored by 5 repubs) and the dems blocked it. He should have been shouting about that bill all during the election. FMs were responsible for the housing bubble that the dems perpetuated…

17 02 2010


McCain pisses me off so much, I can’t even look at him anymore.

I hope he loses his ass in the primary.


17 02 2010

Ditto that…then hopefully we won’t have to hear from his twit of a daughter any more as well…

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