Ecofascists Hate Me

13 02 2010

Ecofascists DO NOT want you to see this graph, and one quick look explains why. I’m so happy that Ecofascists are finally being called-out on their asinine claims. While I’m at it, let me clue you in on wind power. When the wind blows you get electricity but when it doesn’t blow you get nothing. That is because it is impossible with current technology to store alternating current. Direct current wind power can’t be stored in batteries. As a result consumers need redundant power plants. Sucks, huh?!




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13 02 2010
Doc's Wife

I have been convinced for quite some time that there are many who would like for Americans to live in mud huts and have NOTHING! We are on our way if something is not done now!!!

13 02 2010

No wonder The Traitor wants to bankrupt the coal industry…

21 02 2010

And the coal industry doesn’t care that it’s polluting the environment and killing Americans.

Even if those made-up cost numbers were true you’re overlooking tons of other issues. Like the pollution that coal causes and the deaths. And the huge subsidies the industry receives.

Even if global warming were not real, the costs of coal are too high. And they costs of the wind industry are continually dropping — as with any new industry.

22 02 2010

The big problem with coal are the scrubbers for the coal fired power plants. These scrubbers and their technology gets better and better with each passing year, which is great. The downside is… the better they get, the more they cost, and scrubbers are VERY expensive.

Since coal is so inexpensive here’s what I would do if I were in charge… Since the government regulates the coal industry, then the government should offer low or no-interest loans so these companies can afford to put the very best scrubbers on.



21 02 2010

All energy industries are regulated and have environmental rules to follow. They all pollute to some extent and therefore have to abide by regulations. The coal industry does have some risks and rewards. They don’t aim to intentionally kills Americans, there are accidents that also occur at other industries.

Other energy industries receive subsidies as well. Name one that doesn’t.

What happens if there is no wind for a day? They produce nada. And if wind is so good, how come those in Nantucket don’t want it in their “backyard”? Hypocrites…

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