Obama Whines About His Problem

12 02 2010

I may need to stop in mid-sentence and count to 10 to calm myself down, but let’s see what happens anyway. This is the second time that Obama has come out in the past couple of weeks to complain about healthcare costs rising. The part that grates the cheese off my pizza is… the costs have skyrocketed this past year because of Obama!

You pinheaded Progressive/Marxists want to know how I could possibly blame your crappy president, right? This is gonna be easy… When Drug Manufacturers and Healthcare Providers figured out that Obama was serious about pushing Congress until he got a Healthcare Bill, they had to sit down and make business decisions. And the decision they made was not an easy one, but it was very understandable considering all the nonsense that the Dems were putting into the bill. These companies had to raise their prices so dramatically to create a new price baseline for their products. Anotherwords, they felt confident that sometime in the next 10 years they would be forced into a situation where they would start losing money so they needed to make some of that difference up now. Plus, once the Government controls Healthcare they took an educated guess that Government was going to want lower prices so they had to have some room to negotiate from.

The bottom line is… If the price of your medicines went up like crazy this year, or your Healthcare is now costing you both arms and a leg, you can blame Obama. He’s the driving force behind all of it! Some prez huh?


WellPoint Takes Heat Over Rates


WASHINGTON—The Obama administration is seizing on a big health-insurance rate increase by WellPoint Inc. in California as fresh evidence of the need for action as it tries to resuscitate its health-care legislation.

WellPoint, the country’s largest insurer by number of members, responded Thursday to repeated criticism with a letter blaming the 39% increase in the individual market on the economy and rising health costs. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius hit back with a statement saying she wasn’t satisfied.

All week, Democrats from President Barack Obama on down have cited the company’s rate plans as a justification for a health-care overhaul that would remake the individual market, where people who don’t get insurance through their jobs shop for coverage.

Complete story here.




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