The Left Is Getting Desperate

11 02 2010

If things continue to go downhill for the Obama agenda, we will have a front seat to an unusual event… the meltdown of the Progressive/Marxist left. My suggestion is… stock-up on Popcorn!

Below is another email alert sent out by PFAW, People for the American Way, an extraordinarily marxist organization. They use the cover of having a patriotic sounding name to suck people in, but trust me, they are as anti-American as they come. And, they seem to be getting desperate. Read what they are sending out to all their members. According to them… It’s the end of the world!!!



The criticism of Sarah Palin by the media and the progressive blogosphere this week has been intense, but their focus has missed what is important: it’s not the writing on her hand, it’s the writing on the wall.

On Saturday, Palin delivered the keynote speech at the first “National Tea Party Convention” in Nashville. It was a broad, right-wing political barn burner, incorporating Religious Right rhetorical swipes and jabs at Obama’s foreign policy — things the Tea Party movement itself has never been about. But it did also included plenty of obligatory red meat attacks on the Democrats’ agenda and Obama administration initiatives famously unpopular with that crowd — the stimulus, health care reform.

To the amusement of pundits, Palin was seen on camera checking crib notes she had written on her hand as she delivered the speech. She taunted the millions of Americans who, driven by a sincere desire for change, were inspired by Barack Obama’s candidacy for president: “How is that hopey-changey stuff working out for you?”

Beyond the theatrics, her speech was full of empty rhetoric aimed at capitalizing on the anti-establishment rage that defines the Tea Party movement. It was riddled with inaccuracies and bent the truth. But more important than what it lacked, is what it revealed and acknowledged:

1. That the Right is running on empty. They have no ideas or solutions for dealing with the significant problems that we face. Their movement at this time is all about exploiting and inciting the rage of disaffected and frustrated Americans.

2. As the Tea Party movement becomes increasingly co-opted by the Republican establishment, the tea party narrative has managed to become the narrative of the Right Wing.

Whatever “populism” the Tea Party movement once possibly had, Palin’s speech might have signaled its end. The anti-establishment anger that the movement purports to speak to is very real, and how we as Americans deal with this anger will have tremendous influence on the future of our country.

Some in the Democratic Party think that trying to appease the Tea Party element is smart short-term politics. But this will lead nowhere. We need your help to fight against this dangerous thinking. With your support, People For the American Way will help make sure that Tea Party politics don’t limit Americans’ options on Election Day to a choice between somewhat right-wing and ultra right-wing.

You can help to expose the Right during this critical election year with a contribution to help fund our work.

As always, your continued support is deeply appreciated.


Michael B. Keegan, President




2 responses

11 02 2010

Spin baby spin! The Right is running on empty – yeah you’re NOT right! Check out the latest polls you fools. These idiots are running scared and merely practicing Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals. The dems have control so why isn’t health care “reform” an actuality yet? Why is Nelson turning on The Traitor? Why are other dems distancing themselves from this admin? We know why but apparently they received the wrong memo from the WH…

11 02 2010

Careful, ’cause when commies are cornered, that is when they are at their most dangerous.


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