Obama Steals From Muhammed Ali

11 02 2010

Look, I like the one and only Ali as much as the next person. In fact, in my younger days I was involved in the fight business, but now my pugilistic desires are fixed by the sport of MMA. Anyway… many people have tried to steal from Ali, but nobody has ever been as successful on such a world-wide scale. Read the piece below and see if you think Obama could pull it off. Personally, I don’t think he has the chops, but Tom does bring a couple of good points. Enjoy!


Obama’s Rope-a-Dope Strategy

I won’t give Obama credit for much of anything but I will give him an “E” for effort, his attempts at getting the Republicans to attend his bipartisan healthcare summit is classic rope-a-dope strategy: Make your opponent think you are in a weakened position and allow him to exhaust himself trying to win, whereas you deliver the knock-out blow when your opponent is too weak to carry on.
My big concern is will the Republicans on Capital Hill fall for this obvious deception, I would like to say thay are smarter than this. We all know that the neither the democrats in the House or Senate are not going simply tear up their healthcare reform proposals and start from scratch again, that’s just not going to happen no matter what Obama says. The liberals are more than happy to place the moniker of “The Party of No” on the Republicans as if it were something to be ashamed of, I say wear it as a badge of honor. As Conservatives/ Republicans we are about the only thing that stands between freedom and the oppression of this administration and government.
My message for the Republicans on the Hill is this, don’t make the mistake of falling for the lies and deception of this administration, by now you should know that when democrats speak of “bipartisanship” it means giving in to THEIR will and giving up YOUR principles. Another thing you should also remember, the American people are watching every move you make, you know the same people that attended TEA Parties by the millions around the country last year, that took democratic AND republican senators and congressman to task at the town hall meetings last summer and let’s not forget the elections in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts. Yes, those people that with the pull of a lever, the dash of a pen or a click on a computer screen can end your political career come the next election. So I think if you value your position you should stand with your constituents against Obama and this healthcare sham. BE PROUD TO BE THE PARTY OF NO!!!!! The American people will thank you in the end.
Tom in NC



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