Great Political News Florida!

11 02 2010

H/t goes out to FS once again for sending me this alert.

The video you will see has been posted here before. Although it’s a couple of years old, it reminds you of the kind of people that should be elected to represent us. Not the pack of hyenas and jack-asses we have now. Enjoy!


February 11, 2010

Col. Allen West is running

Alan Fraser

We have written before on congressional candidate Col. Allen West (here and here).  Well, thank God he’s back.  He is running again for Florida’s 22nd District seat against his old opponent of November 2008, Ron Klein.  It’s a district that leans Democrat but had a Republican Congressman for 14 years until Democrat Ron Klein won that seat in 2006.
This is a few months old but remains a must-see little video of an excellent speech Col. West gave in October ’09.  If you like what you see and hear, jump over to his campaign site and give something to a man who for some many years gave to us.



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11 02 2010



12 02 2010

I only wish he lived here in NC. He’s somebody I could proudly vote for.


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