Moron Of The Day

10 02 2010

Everybody knows at least one functioning brain-dead loser that always has dumb ideas. This is about one of those people. I’m guessing, he’s a liberal.


Ohio man accused of tattooing tot’s rear end

LOUISVILLE, Ohio – Police say an Ohio man tattooed the letter “A” on the rear end of a 1-year-old girl visiting his home.

Lee Deitrick, 20, of Louisville was arraigned Wednesday on a felony child endangering charge in Canton Municipal Court.

Authorities say there was no evidence the toddler’s mother permitted the November tattooing. It was not clear what the letter “A” signified.

Deitrick’s grandmother called the tattoo “a wee-little hairline” and said there was hardly anything left of it. Louisville Police Chief Andrew Turowski said the tattoo is smaller than a dime.

A message seeking comment was left at the office of Deitrick’s attorney after the arraignment.

Bond was set at $250,000. If convicted, Deitrick could face up to five years in prison.




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