American Pie

10 02 2010

FS sent this to me and it cheered me up, I hope it does the same for all of you.





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10 02 2010

Pretty funny! I always did like that song. Don’t know if you’ve heard of the Capitol Steps before Gio, I’ve not seen them in person, but they are fairly local to me and I’ve seen their signs at some small venues around Baltimore and DC.

10 02 2010

Nope, never heard of them. Do they do the same sort of satirical political stuff?


P.S. Have you seen this yet… In Honor Of BK ? You may want to click on it.

10 02 2010

Yeah, all political stuff from what I understand. I don’t know that it’s conservative or progressive or a mix though.

In Honor Of BK?

10 02 2010

Oh, yeah I did that! Pretty cool video!

I just went out and shoveled the front porch again. I’m not a tall guy, but the snow piles from where we’ve shoveled are eye-level at least now. It’s still freakin’ snowin’! Hopefully it’ll be over soon.

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