Mondays Open Thread

8 02 2010

Here it is a day after the Super Bowl and Obama has not crapped on us yet. But the day is very young, so…..

How was everyone’s SB party? The one I went to was great. The best part was having it at someone elses house for a change. Who dat? And as always, you may also write about anything of your choosing.




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8 02 2010

Good game…had fun while eating wings & potato salad! Loved the Tebow commercial & some of the Doritos ads. Glad the Saints won – cute baby!

8 02 2010
Doc's Wife

GO SAINTS!!! We stayed at home alone to watch the SB because my husband was sick w/ a cold. Actually, that was quite nice for a change, and my house stayed clean. I did not think that the Who sounded very good–made me feel really old. Great commercials!

8 02 2010


That was the first thing the wife said. She could care less about sports. After they started to review the call that was overturned when the receiver had the ball in his hands, but had it kicked out of his hands after it broke the goal line plane, I stated confidently that it was a touchdown. At that point she looked over at me and asked “is that better than a homerun”? There was a moment of silence and then we all broke out laughing.


8 02 2010
Doc's Wife

Gio–I was watching replay of Chris Wallace interviewing Sarah Palin and folding clothes in another room when my husband insisted that I develop an interest in the game. Having grown up so close to the Big Easy, i began to cheer for the Saints.

8 02 2010

I’ve got two new photoshops on the “handwriting’ controversy.

Here’s Andrea Mitchell, PDS, right before a broadcast. (Andrea may be putting on the Joker makeup shorty after I post this.)

And here’s Barry campaigning in Indiana last week on behalf of the Colts. (Sorry Colts’ fans. Though not too sorry, I’m from Baltimore. ;^] )

8 02 2010


The first one is hillarious!

On the second one… that cannot be Obama’s actual hand. That hand is the hand of a man that works for a living!


8 02 2010

That was one of the best Super Bowls I can remember.

I knew the Colts were in deep doo-doo when the Saints pulled that awesome on-sides kick to start the second half, then drove down and scored.

The Colts never really recovered after that.


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