Sarah Palin Speaks To Tea-Party

6 02 2010

Go to the link below and register. It only takes a minute to do, then you can watch Sarahs speech on livestreaming from the Tea-party Convention. It’s now 7:50 pm est… YOU ONLY HAVE 8 MINUTES BEFORE SHE IS SCHEDULED TO MAKE HER SPEECH.

Go now!




6 responses

6 02 2010

bwahahaha…she smacks Obama w/a teleprompter joke. She talks more about national security than The Traitor has in one year…

6 02 2010

That’s cause she’s smarter than he is. Something tells me that Sarah knows how to pronounce “Corpsman”, unlike our dip-wad president!


P.S. DCG… So how was the spa treatment today?

6 02 2010

Spa was great, thanks!

Man, twitter is all abuzz about Palin. Libturds are still blaming Bush…and saying Palin is an idiot. What do you expect…

Bet ol’ Gibsy is being prepped for how to answer ?s about the Tea Party movement on Monday HA!

6 02 2010
Doc's Wife

Wow!!! What a speech. There is no stopping this woman. She makes me feel hope for the first time in a very long time.

6 02 2010


That is exactly why so many conservatives love the idea of her trying for a higher office. Although she is now probably considered a millionare, she can actually relate to regular folk. She could empathize with the ditch-digger, the brain-surgeon, or a billionare, all on the same level. She is the real deal!

And the fact that the left hates her so much makes me love her even more!


7 02 2010

She was fantastic!

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